SC 2 Tournament results 10-12-02 Kennewick Fun-n-Games


1st place-david nadler (Relden)
2nd place-Adam Arquello (Adamam)
3rd place-Stan Rhodes (Cardard)
4th place-james Ma
tie for 5th place-David Marx and Dylan Linde
7th place Tj Kuno
8th place Frank Cruise

Well there you have it the first SC2 tournament , Id like to thank all players for coming to play, it was a sweet tournament , and im planning on having another one in a month, with pizza,pop,and candy again, and im also working on getting dj for the next tournament, what can i say it was a blast, and Brendin did a great job running the brackets, and i hope my raiden hat entertain everyone lol, alot of peeps showed up about almost 30 people, so hope to see more you players next time, well thats it for me and hope everyone had a good time:)



its not apex ranked…therefore no one cares


oh and by the way just remember…OWN YOU AT SOULCALIBER 2

i am lord raiden??? he aint the stop the pain i’m gonna deliever to the groin

lord reigndeer after i nooge the holy living hell outta him with a MASSIVE BLOW TO THE BALL SACK! :eek: