SC IV Tournament- 8/30/08 - Murfreesboro, TN

Hello all,

I’m the owner of a new video game store in Murfreesboro, TN. Our store is designed with tournaments in mind - 8 HDTVs to play any game or for tournament use along with a 50" plasma for finals matches and a 20" LCD for retro gaming.

We’re hosting a Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament on August 16th at 8pm with $150 prize. I know that may not be everyone’s thing on this board but I figured I’d mention it.

Here’s the details on the tournament you guys will probably be into:

Soul Calibur IV Tournament

[]August 30th @ 8pm
] Grand Prize $150
[] 2nd Place $75
] $5 pre-entry $7 at the door
[*] Grand Prize money will increase with more entries, returning all entry fees to winner! $150 is the minimum.


[]Play N Trade
] 427 N. Thompson Lane
[*] Murfreesboro, TN

[*] (Located across from Regions Bank, next to Plato’s closet, on the corner of N. Thompson Lane and Robert Rose Dr.)

For more information including a map to our location please check Feel free to stop by the store or call us at 615-890-GAME. We currently have SC 4 running on 2 stations and anyone is welcome to play all they want to get in some practice.

If there are other games you’d like to see in future tournaments then please just let us know. We’re open to anything and I’m really looking forward to the fighting game tournaments.

Play N Trade
Murfreesboro, TN

If you want a big turnout you probably should have T5DR & GGAC.
Having 3S & CvS2 would be nice too.

Yeah, but they can’t play the 2D Fighters on a HDTV because of the lag issues. I’m going to check that store out, though.

When you come down to M’boro, hit me up, DreamTR. I would like to meet you and play some mad casuals with you :3

Check your PM

I heard the same thing from a guy in the MTSU Anime club that hosts 2d fighting tournaments. I had him try out our TVs and he said he couldn’t tell any lag at all but he could have just been nice :slight_smile:

I do know that I looked at a ton of different TVs and I bought the ones with the lowest response time I could find at 6ms response. When you come down I’ll be happy to let you test them out!

We will definitely host some 2d fighting tournaments in the future. We already have our schedule set for this month but next month is wide open. I’ll take a poll from people at the tournaments this month and see what we should do.

take care,

I did visit today, very nice store!

I will have to test that on the TVs…I’m pretty sensitive to the lag, so I am sure I can put it to the test! It’s obviously not gojng to affect any of the current games on the lineup, just old 2D style fighting games from older systems…

Thanks for the compliment! Come back down anytime and test out the TVs… or just play some games :slight_smile: I hope some more guys like yourself find our store and we can do 2d fighter tournaments. I think they would be the most impressive to watch when really good players are going at it.

Almost everyone that I ask at the store says Halo, Madden or Smash for tournaments right now… with the occasional request for Guitar Hero/Rock Band.

That guy would be me :3

I really of the lag because I don’t play Soul Calibur III hardcore enough to feel for the lag :stuck_out_tongue: But I would assume that it would affect the 2D fighters D:

DreamTR knows his stuff though :smiley: He can help out a lot more then I can, but I’m willing to help out some if you guys need it. Dean will know where to find me :3

Also, I dunno if anyone else knows, but krazykorean456 is me as well. I didn’t know that account still worked @_@

I got your phone number, krazykorean :slight_smile: Let’s settle this - you two come down and play a 2d fighter vs each other! Is the Xbox Live Arcade version of SF no good? Or do people just hate the controller?

I just got in the SNK Classics Vol 1. for the Wii. Are any of the SNK fighters on the list? The Wii versions seem very well done.

If you’re talking about 3S in the SFAC disc, afaik both PS2 & Xbox versions are good for tournament play. However, most people have PS2 sticks, CvS2 is played on PS2, GGAC is played on PS2, SNK games are played on PS2, etc, so it makes more sense to have 3S on PS2 as well.

That collection only has the first games on each franchise (which aren’t that good and/or nobody plays).
Good SNK games for tournaments would be KOF98UM, KOF XI, NGBC, MOTW & SST.

PNT Murf: I agree that those are the games people want, the Halo, Smash Bros, Guitar Hero stuff. Soul Calibur is not going to be popular long, but Smash will. 2D Fighters are just very obscure in this state for high level competition, and a lot of that is because arcades died here a lot quicker than any other spot in the country. It’s just turned into Tekken.

There should be no lag on the 3D Fighters on those TVS, it’s only going to affect the old PS2 (even the PS3 (the backwards compatible PS3) does not upscale 100% on an HDTV on some of the fighting games. It’s better now, but still has issues, which is why all the major tournaments just won’t do LCDs or Plasma and especially not DLP for those type of games. By the time Street Fighter HD Remix comes out, it’s probably not going to matter as much.

You will be able to get people there when Street Fighter IV comes out in February, that’s going to be huge everywhere, but in the meantime, you could try putting 3rd Strike on the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PlayStation 2 to see if anyone plays it in one of the kiosks, you never know if people would be interested in it, but hard to say with all the Halo/Madden/Smash fanatics these days.

FS Gamer is right on all points, the SNK games are basically sold separately on PlayStation 2 now as budget titles.

However, there is no KOF98UM, MOTW, and SST in the US yet for PS2, and I hate to say it, but if 3rd Strike is rough to find players in TN, imagine the SNK games…

But yeah, all the tournaments run on PlayStation stuff because custom sticks are much easier to use (and already work for PS1, PS2, and PS3 with a simple converter).

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just fyi :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to come check out the Smash tourney this weekend even though I don’t really play. Will try to bring people for the SC4 tourney as well.

Calibur just changed to

I posted your tourney here -

I should have all the people I get to come to the tourney say “I was referred by CodEZ” so I can earn commission

Thanks, CodEZ! I actually will do a referral store credit for you… if they haven’t been in the store before… tell them to say you sent them. Just stop by and I’ll set up an account for you. This goes for anyone else too. If you’re interested just stop by and talk to me about it.

Our complete tournament schedule is on our myspace photo album at

It is also on our website at

Thanks again and hopefully I’ll see you all tonight at the Smash Bros. Tournament. Tell me you saw it here and I’ll register you at a discount even if its right before the tournament.

I am posting from your store. Looks good, we can talk later about future events.

Did ROB the Robot win?

The tournament isn’t until this weekend, if you mean SC IV! If you mean the SSBB then no, he didnt :slight_smile:

Also just wanted to remind everyone that the tournament is this weekend, please try to make it! It should be a lot of fun.