SC Namco modding questions

I’m modding an old grey and yellow SC Namco stick, but I don’t plan on using the PCB it has. Mainly becuase it doesn’t cooperate with the Xbox when trying to use a converter at times. I was thinking about switching it out and throwing in another PCB. Perhaps PS1 dualshock A-series or a SF AE PCB that allows instant XBox and PS2 with the ability to put a Live headset opening.

What would be better to use, a PS1 dualshock PCB or the SF AE one?

Everything in the stick is Sanwa if you are wondering.


You can’t go wrong with a PS1 DS PCB.

IIRC, the SFAE is known to destroy controller ports on the PS2. I say go with the PS1 Dualshock as it is known compatable with many converters and you know it won’t destroy your ports.

i wouldn’t recommend Sanwa modding a Namco, actually. :frowning:
the sanwa shaft doesn’t fit (you already knew that), and using the hori actuator makes the stick feel worse than a Hori. some people like it, but they know it doesn’t feel like a Sanwa.

anyway, why doesn’t it work on an Xbox? all of mine work perfectly with a Dragonbox converter.

A PS1 DualShock will be great for that, though.

How so. :wow:

I have most of it done, I just need to throw in a PCB and I’ll be finished with it. heres some of the before and after pictures. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Before -

Semi After -


I could be wrong, again, someone will have to confirm, but if I am correct, it just burns them out. I remember it being a universal (PS2 and XBox) stick, I’m pretty sure it was the SF:AE one, but again, I could be wrong.

EDIT: That is looking really classy man. Very simple, yet effective.

Yeah, the paintjob on the front metal panel has a sparkle effect to it. Better when seen in your hands. The whole set up is completely different from how Namco had it, it also has two LED lights that light up the area where the four buttons used to stand. AS you can see I moved start and select to the top of the stick for looks and confort. The area where the four holes are replaced with a plastic piece and have the two LED lights under it to give it a nice glow in that area for special effects. I guess i’ll stick with the PS1 Dualshock A-series then.


Was it worth it for you to mod it? I’m thinking of doing the same, but someone said the namco didn’t fit right, let us know how it feels.

Feels good I’d say, it does take some trouble to get it to fit right. But when you get it in it’ feels pretty good. The bat top feels pretty slick as well as the Oct. Gate (which is what I have, bat top and oct gate) you need to do alot of modifcations. i say it is worth it. if you are down with doing some extra work


DAMN Ramon, that looks awesome.

I’m glad you like it toodles. Soon I’ll be beasting you in Guilty Gear XX #Reload with it.


Well shit, now I have to do this. That stick looks slick as hell.

Here’s some more pictures of the Semi after


How did you do your paint?

looks pretty good.

what did you do to make it “fit right”?

I bought an octagonal gate w/ a bat top and it was the worst combination for a joystick imagineable. The joystick throw was really long and it felt very flimsy. Switched my Sanwa back to a square gate and ball top, 100 percent better. No comparison.

Actually, just the other day I put in a PS1 dual shock H Series PCB in my Namco because none of my xbox adapters would work with it. Just bearly fit since there is almost no room in that joystick. I decided not to mod it with Sanwa parts because I’ve heard too many people say it just doesn’t feel right. It’s a decent joystick with the stock parts anyway.

Nice job with the paint.


For the Paintjob I just went and purchased certain kind of paints made for plastic and hard metal. Sanded down the metal plate, and slapped some primer on it and painted it. As for the plastic I just cleaned it good. and used a specific sort of paint on it that is designed for only hard plastics. I purchased all this at Home Depot.


As for making it “fit just right” you’ve got to use a dremel or some other tool to cut down alot of the plastic pieces inside the namco case. Since sanwa sticks are thicker and bigger than the stock Namco stick. You gotta do alot of modifications to both the stick and the inside of the Namco plastic case. This should help explain what I mean.


I presume it all depends on personal preferene, I enjoy the oct gate with bat top more than Square with Ball top. I feel I can do dp moves better, and I can do dashing alot easier. The stick with Sanwa parts feels just right for me, I enjoy the natural feel it has. But you are right it is difficult for one to put a PCB into the Namco stick, I did take a different approach for the inside. It’s not what you normally see in other custom sticks. When I get the chance I’ll snap a photograph of it. You’ll be suprised of what I did to the inside with the wires and PCB.

Much Obliged for the comments with the Paint.

that’s what i did. if you used the Hori actuator, the hybrid stick doesn’t return to neutral and is a lot tighter than real Sanwas. :frowning:

i did something more to make the entire Sanwa shaft fit. I add height to the stick by putting strips of corkboard on the places where the bottom cover would screw onto. the Sanwa fits, but it sticks out from the surface much taller than a Hori. :S

He’s using the shaft from a hori Tekken 5 stick. The bottom half is exactly as long as the original namco shaft, so the bottom can be closed without risers like you describe. The top is exactly as long as the top of a normal sanwa. If you trim down the sanwa actuator properly, it will have the exact same range of movement and range to activation that a plain sanwa stick will have.
The only problem is that the stick is mounted almost right at the top of the control panel, instead of the normal 1/4-1/2" deep it is on most sticks. This makes it feel taller than the stick on an HRAP or in a candy cabinet. The distance to move is the same, just the ball is higher. Add in a bat top like this and it’ll feel really tall.