SC2 at Evo

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Soul Calibur 2 should be at Evo. If Tekken 4 has been at EVo and we all know that T4 was one of worst fighting games made then SC2 should get the respect to be at Evo one more time before SC3. The fan base for SC2 is large enough too throw it. VF4 was small and Evo has VF so why not SC2. I hope that I’m not re-inventing the thread wheel. :slight_smile:

I concur. Send it out with a bang, I say.

Yeah SC2 deserve to be at Evo one more time before SC3 comes out.
Hail to the king. :pray:

Yes, because we need more boring finals this year.

Hey, it’s Vegas, right? Let’s set up a side pool to see how the finalists will split the pot!

5:1 odds the pot goes 50-50

haha I was wondering who would bring that up. Could that be the reason why the put SC2 into the “voting” category?

Because we all want to see Mick and RTD on TV this summer (and I’d be all for it too!)…

I vote SC2 as well. make it happen, yo…

lol, one great reason not to vote for sc2. this’ll teach em not to fuck around during finals.

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. I know everyone was mad about the finals last year but I don’t think that will happen this year. Let’s all step up all our game to make sure that doesn’t happen again. :slight_smile: Let’s do this!!! :clap:

You say that, but the fact that SC2 has had boring finals the last few years, yea, i’m voting for A3.

SC2 has earned a spot in evolution,i say they bring at least 1 3D and 1 2D game from the voting category, i think SC2 is fairly easily the best 3D fighter available.
Not to mention ive been training like afiend for SC2

I don’t see T4 at evo.

VF4 is part of the voting list as well as SC2, the details should be released anytime now.

The fan base will be very obvious via the voting, so no need to speculate.

Since every point you started the thread with is wrong, I don’t see a reason to continue.