SC2-Ivy/ best way to set up the summon suffering and calamity simphony?


what are the best methods and tactics to set up and land these deadly throws?

thanx in advance:D


One good way is doing Forward+(B and K) (hold for maximum distance). That move is called "Embrace of Lust " I believe, the move where she stabs her opponent with her whip sword, then drags them over to her. You can do it while she pulls them in. I can do it but I need to pracice to be more consistant. If you do it right you will do summon suffering right after it.


nice shit:cool: what i do is poke with d/f A then swirl the joystick
u/f to down then poke again with a standing A then finish the move with d/f , d, d/b , A+B.

still i’d like to know some extra methods and tactics to land this shit.

keep posting and thanx in advance:D


Gamefaqs had an FAQ on this.


it’ll work maybe once after embrace, after that they’ll always crouch under it. SS works well after up + p+k.


try buffering it during God Whisper, your opponent will never see it comming :slight_smile: