SC2 LE Stick

Helo all. I recently purchased a Soul Calibur 2 LE Arcade stick and I was wondering if anyone here knows how to reset the button mapping back to the default settings for I misplaced the manual and I figured where else to ask for help than here. If anyone knows how to or could possibly come across an on-line version of the manual, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a bunch and take care.

Euuuhh? Am I missing something here? Does the 360 console let you custom-softmap a given controller or something?! I’m pretty frickin’ sure that stick doesn’t let you reconfigure itself or something crazy like that.

If you just resoldered your buttons and/or changed/covered the original art, the default layout is this:

The top row of little buttons is this:
LB, Back, Guide, Start, RB

Oootherwise the button configurations are game-specific; that is, you can just reassign them in the menus for each individual game. They should all have a “reset to default” option anyway.

If you feel that none of this applies, either I didn’t understand what you’re trying to say, or one of us is missing something crucial here, or one of us is nuts!! :looney:

Are You talking about this stick

because if you are i would advise tossing it into the trash

but if you are intent on using it, if you want to reset the programming, you have to do it for each button, so you hit program, hit the button you want to reset, then hit it again, should make it just hit that button and not a combination of buttons

kiV, that is the one. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. I know it may not be top flight in the realm of sticks but for $30, it’s not too bad. I like it for T5/DR and SF. Now when I do upgrade, trust me, it will be worth it. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I highly doubt you’re going to be able to mod that stick. There’s probably not enough plastic to dremel out the button area and by the looks of it there’s not enough height to mount a different joystick on it.

Ohhh noooo, I misread and thought you meant the SC4 stick. Yeah man, that thing may not be moddable, and if it is you’re going to have one hell of a time.

Unless you’re getting parts for super-cheap or free, and you’re really interested in a challenge, you’re probably better off buying a different stick instead.

that thing is not worth 5 dollars. you are better off just sticking with a pad than to use that pos (which is actually just a big pad. no microswitches)

lol I have that piece of shit. FUcking garbage stick