SC2 - Talim Thread


Strats, good moves, things to stay away from, etc…


If you’re asking, be more specific.

And good thing to note… her BBA can now be canceled into BT by inputting BBA8_2 on console. Like a guard cancel, but a guard cancel that you can do auto-GIs after. :smiley:


That sounds insanely useful, but what is a:

I’m still pretty new to the whole SC series…


BT is back turned, ie, you’re standing with your back to them.

GI = Guard Impact.

Basically, an improved block (think parrying, just defence, etc.)

Hit 4G to GI lows and mids, 6G stops highs and mids.

Some attacks also have GI properties, when Talim is backturned A+K and B+K counter incoming attacks and then attack. I believe A+K stops horizontals and B+K stops verticals.

Talim’s BB mixups are a large part of how I play… BB is a couple of quick verticals… then you have…

BBA - Third hit hits low, use sparingly because it is punishable, you can cover for it with a WS A or B, but if they block that, then you’re in serious trouble. Variety is the key.

BBK - Again, use sparingly, third hit is a flip that launches if it connects. You can hit 6K to start the airsault at this point, although you can AC out of it easy. I’m not going to get into launch followups here yet…

BBA8_2 - Starts the third hit motion from BBA, but cancels into AST2.

BB8_2 - BB, then goes into AST1… Air Side Throw 1 is just a quick spin to the side, there’s different things you can do but the main ones are A. Throw (It comes out special, does 5 or 15 damage depending on if you use A or B for the throw, but leaves with a huge fram advantage and they become BT, which isn’t good for most characters.) and B. WS A… basically stuffs any attack they try to throw out, sets up them to block after AST1, leading to throwy goodness.

I also toss out 2K from AST1, prolly not the greatest move, but it hits low and annoys them, and they get impatient, and they make mistakes.

I think that’s it, kinda have to go, but yeah.

Oh, and 1A+B is your friend. tech crouches highs, and launches.

And learn the multi-throw.

236B+G, 46A+B, 214 B+K

Practice the timing. If the 46A+B comes out (arm break) it does less than 236B+G on its own, so make sure you get the third part down. The camera gets all funky during the throw, so these are the commands to input if you start the throw on the left hand side. And if you get it down perfectly, please give me tips on the timing, cause I suck at it. :lol:


ok…just to let u know im not a newb…so i dont need any little combos with her…i just want to know if u can connect talims unblockable with anything:p…i only play arcade so dont tell me anything for the console…thanx


Not really, no.

Her SCUBs aren’t really that useful either, 6A+B ain’t that bad though.

Edit: You on version A or version D?


D…we got D a lil while ago.


Nice, I only had a version A machine… Talim’s a beast in A though, console brings her back up a bit after D.


how is she better on A…i thought that she would get more moves with higher versions…o well…hell ya dude…she is my favorite character on the console…and if i learn to play better with her on the arcade then she will be my best…:smiley: I think she is hot man:p…lol


Version A Talim=No Fucking Recovery


i didnt know that…o well


= Fun for me!

Seriously though, ver. D Talim is the weakest…

Console BBA8_2 is too good :stuck_out_tongue:


damn…that sux hardcore…im going to ask the manager if we have version D for sure…hopefully its not…haha


Hehe, it’s not that bad, the difference between console (which is what tourneys are running) and ver. D are fairly minimal for talim… there’s a good thread on about the differences between arcade and console Talim.

Still working on the multi-throw… :rolleyes:


what is the multi-throw? is it possible to cancel throws…:confused:


Naw, read my longass post toward the beginning.

Multi-throw is a throw that comes out faster than her normal throws, has a smaller break window and does more damage.

Sound like fun? It is.

236B+G, 46A+B, 214B+K.

The camera gets kinda funky, so that’s the commands in respect to your original position, assuming you start on the right.

do the 46A+B IMMEDIATELY after the 236B+G. Then just mash in 214B+K… that one’s tricky.

236B+G is a little less damage then her normal throws, but as mentioned, faster. 46A+B subtracts some damage, but 214B+K brings the total damage up to 70, compared to I believe 55 for her normal throws. So make sure the 214B+K gets in there.

Basically, it’s the throw for Talim (of course mix in A+G if they start breaking it), once you get it down, her B+G is only useful for the forward RO, but Talim already has a hella good RO game.


ya…i just figured that out…i played on the PS2…so i looked at the command list…but is it possiable to cancel throws?


i belive they’re individual follow-ups, i say individual since unless i’m mistaken on each part of the throw there’s a very small window for escape.


There’s only the break window on 236B+G which is quite small. You can’t break during 46A+B or 214B+K. If you mean guard canceling throws, then no, you can’t. Other than that I don’t know what you mean by cancelling throws.


Actually, you CAN break the chain throw, right before the last part. But it’s a 1 frame break. I don’t think ANYBODY has gotten it consistently.