SC4 HORI stick button problem


I have a SC4 Hori stick and the LT button has been acting odd. When I am in training mode just standing there it works fine. But if I lightly tap it, hold forward while pressing it, EX move or Ultra it seems to be 50/50 at best. While holding forward it rarely works online, 50/50 offline.

Now I don’t know much about fixing stick but when I opened the back of it the board was covering the buttons. So I am assuming this does not have quick disconnects.

Is there anyway to look at this problem from here to see if it just something loose without taking the whole thing apart? If not I have some extra buttons does anyone have a link for replacing buttons on this particular stick?(Its the same as the Hori EX2 correct?)

Not really sure what to do and searches online I have not been able to find a video of replacing or modding this stick. I do know how to solder so I could manage if a little needed to be done.

Thanks for your time.

Seems like the button microswitch is almost dead.

You will have to take apart at least the button daughterboard to examine the problem button. This joystick is same as Hori EX2.

Thank you very much VietGeek…this was exactly what I was looking for. Big Ups!

I know most people don’t care but I will update with progress…might help someone in the future. (after I screw it up)