SC4 side Tourney 7/9 @ 9pm

Location: Evo BYOC casual area, Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Date: Friday, July 9th

Time: 9pm (as close as we can get to it after securing at least 2 stations)

Entry: $10

Pot split: 70/20/10 1st-3rd


standard vs
default, time, life
custom characters, bonus characters banned…probable that algol and hilde will be banned, this will honestly be an on the spot majority vote.
double elim bracket
2 of 3 games, standard rounds

We will try to secure at least 2 stations in the casual/byoc area and will have at least 2 fully unlocked PS3s on hand. I will be handling brackets and money.

Ask any questions here!

cha cha

Hilde might be banned? Geeze I haven’t played in so long something must have been found out to warrant that lol

Yea, I dunno how you may have missed all the Hilde doom combo controversy over the years, but it is still kinda contested. Regardless, she still may be in and you can see first hand whether she should be banned or not :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,

Even though i stopped playing SC4 since March, I may participate to this tournament for fun. :slight_smile:

Hope my Xianghua will be strong enough ! :slight_smile:

See you there !

Friday night eh…hmmm…would I avoid the actual Evo Reg if I jus joined this?!

I’ll try to get in on this.

I’m not interested but my friend ivylicious would be intrested in entering. Put him down.

Meh, I haven’t played in forever but I might join for fun. Hopefully my Nightmare hasn’t gotten scrubby in my hiatus.

Good stuff! I think this is when MBAA pools will be going on, so I’ll be sure to come see what’s goin on with you guys.

Yeah, last year I only played in the BlazBlue side tourneys and I didn’t have to register. You only need a badge if you’re participating in any official Evo events so you should be good to go.

Hey you! guy checking this thread but is too timid to post…

ever wonder what it’s like to get your face raped off in SC4? WELL NOWS YOUR CHANCE.

I’m quite the advertiser btw.

cha cha

I’ll 85% be there. I’ll try to bring my camcorder.

I’ll be participating in the HDR tourney, but I may stop by to check things out since I’ve been part of the SC community for a long time, so it would be great to meet alot of you.

Especially Kayane. :slight_smile:

I haven’t played in about a year so if I do sign up, me and my Maxi will definately get nuked. XD



(This is Punisher from TXB btw)

I know it’s you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you playing in both the ST and HDR tourney?

If so, I guess I’ll see you there! :smiley:

I’ll be on that ST but I’m not playing HDR. I want that game to die. :slight_smile: