Scan lines when recording HD


hi there i recently got a Game Capture HD from avermedia, and its all great and stuff but when i look at the footage im getting a lot of scan lines on faster moving things (see picture). this is raw footage from the recorder unedited etc… any tips for making this less likely to happen? its from an xbox 360 running at 1080i on component.


There is your problem. Not to knock you down or anything but please understand there is so cheap path to quality HD videos.
You pinch a penny here or there, you will see the difference.

I do understand you like most people have budget concerns, and like most people some of the higher rated stuff is over priced.
But if you are going into full 1080 HD video capture streaming be prepared to spend alot of money.

But in the meantime ether switch from 1080i to 1080p or take it down to 720p. The “i” stands for interlace which uses scan lines, 'p" or progressive video does not use scan lines as the whole picture scans in at one time.


Just make it 720p like Darksakul said. Anytime you record interlaced video onto a computer then watch it you’ll always see these lines because computers only display in progressive. An besides,720p will save you a lot of headaches on editing and hard drive space.


thanks for the advise guys, i uploaded it to youtube and it seems fine but i guess in the future ill just record on 720p

Mr Stabbie


Interesting. Youtube must have deinterlaced it during it’s encoding. I didn’t know they started doing that. Either way though go with 720p. It’s still definitely a space and time saver compared to 1080,especially when the quality isn’t going to look that different on youtube.