Scanlines on TV's when recording with a camcorder

My bro just bought a JVC camcorder (I can get the model number if needed) and I notice that when recording matches it picks up the scan lines on newer model TV’s. Is there any way to minimize or eliminate those scan lines when recording videos on newer tv’s?

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I’ve had this problem in the past with cams that record to tape you have to use a digital cam

Either change the capture rate (on one camera I set it to 1/60 and it goes away) or turn off steady-cam (I do this for my newer cam). Usually one of those two will fix you up.

if there is a ‘steadyshot’ or the like, turn that off and try a tripod or just holding it the best you can. That is what I had to do, it reduced the bars I saw by a good amount.

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If you ever watch a small-budget news program, any time they have footage of computer screens, you’ll notice the exact same thing.

Point the camera at the TV laterally and then sweep the view up and down, so that, in the viewfinder, you’re moving the TV out of the picture. This seems to re-synch the camera’s recording frame rate and the TV’s image refresh rate. These two rates being out-of-synch is what causes the flicker.

After enough passes, you’ll eventually get lucky and end up with a minimal number of scanlines.

Don’t ask me for a scientific explanation as to why this works! :looney:

what is happening is since your tv’s refresh rate is a different speed than your camera’s recording rate you get the lines. notice how on LCD screens this doesn’t happen, its because LCD’s usually have lower refresh rates.

if you can change teh capture rate, do that, it should work