Scape's PCBs and stuff!

Hello SRK, I have some interesting items for your buying pleasure! First come, first served – that means if you’re interested I will keep something for you for a reasonable amount of time until I put it up for sale again. If you see something you like, please post in this thread; Shipping will be $5.35 for USPS flat rate small box since it’s just easier. I ship to CONUS only. Paypal only please!

I have not included pics at this time because you all probably know what this stuff looks like, but please request some if you’re interested in something but need to see pics first. I will happily provide pics later.


1 SFAC PCB w/cable - $15

This is the 3.5 volt model (the one that works with most all converters) and is fully functional. All cables have been removed. The cord with PS2 and O. Xbox connectors is included.

1 VSHG PCB - $10

Came out of my VSHG before a mod. No USB cable but it was ridiculously short anyway.

1 PS3/PC Cthulhu - SOLD

1 Mad Catz 360 padhack, no triggers - SOLD


1 botched dual-mod - $40

This came in a used stick I purchased a while back. It is a PS3 Cthulhu dual-modded to a Mad Catz 360 pad with an Imp board. I have no idea where to begin troubleshooting this, but both boards do receive power when plugged in individually, so it’s entirely possible the only problem is the Imp got fried somehow. Someone with competent wiring skills could probably fix this right up, I barely tried.

Malfunctioning PS360s - SOLD BOTH

How much is shipping for the ps360 shipped to 18102

Let me check, I will PM you.

How much is shipping for the 360 pad hack to 92865?

is that cthulhu fully assembled?

Can’t ask people to pay with gift… against rules …

Interested in the padhack as well. PM sent.

Please remove the mention of Gift only. It’s against the rules. No jacking up the prices to cover for it either.

Updated to remove the Paypal gift option. No offense intended mods. I have also strategically refrained from “Jacking up” my prices to compensate as well, thanks Valaris for the warning and assuming I’ll do something wrong.

I have also replied to all PMs and thread posters, and updated the description for the 360 padhack. Might want to check it out if you were interested, I want to ensure everyone knows what they’re getting.

Quick update: All items still available for those I’ve PM’d. Updated the description for some items as there seems to have been some confusion.

Replied to PM.

360 Padhack pending payment. Dropped some prices while I was at it and changed shipping options since everything was about $5 shipped.

Interested in cthulu.

zenblaster, PM sent! Updated thread with items sold.

payment sent

Can I get some pics of that ASCII? I’ve been thinking about trying one of those out.

Still have ps360 available?

@CerebralVortex: I’ll snap some pix this evening and get them posted up for you!

@symonds85, as of right now there are still 2 available.

@zenblaster: your item will be shipped out today, will PM you tracking info this afternoon or evening.

what did you try to fix ps360?

Basically I tried to make sure the turbo wasn’t firing constantly and making the buttons fire as well. I can pretty confidently say that is not the error. I also made sure there were no solder points connecting on the bottom of the board, and checked for any loose wires in the screw-down terminals which might have been causing the board to fire. I did not disassemble or perform any solder work on the boards, so they are essentially brand new, just malfunctioning.