Scarborough/Pickering Thread

Toronto’s a bigass city, so I thought maybe I should make a thread dedicated to all them players in the East side. Post up arcade locations in Eastern Toronto/Scarborough and Pickering, or better yet, let other Scarborough/Pickering heads know where you’re at and who you are. :tup:

Good News:

The arcade, Techtown, in the Famous Players Theatre at Scarborough Town center mall just had a small change that could make a BIG difference. Formerly a bad spot for fightin game lovers, the place only had a Soul Calibur 1 machine and a poorly functionin Marvel vs Capcom machine. But recently, they have replaced the broken up MvC machine and with…


Now with a decently workin SC1 machine, a brand new T5 machine, and for variety, House of The Dead and Time Crisis 3, along with a bunch of other shootin and racin games, and even a Dance Dance Revolution machine, the place is actually worth visitin now. Hope everyone likes the news. :wgrin:

pickering is gangster

There are no arcades on the east end… >_<

Close thread.

If this thread doesn’t get closed, I should try and start a Stoney Creek thread.

Markham-Stoufville thread coming your way

Can you fucking explain to me how removing a MvC1 machine is a good thing?

There’s an arcade at STC?

Yeah, the one in the movie theater… >_<

Oh, that piece of shit.

Marv, the MvC cab really was broke as hell.

Because it was extraordinarily broken. And not just the controls, either. Sometimes, the BACKGROUNDS wouldn’t even appear when playin, or some sprites would come up messed up. I’d say the replacement was worth it.

Anyway, if any of you people don’t like the idea of a Scarborough/Pickering thread, at least this serves its purpose for lettin some people know of the new T5 machin at STC. It needs to be checked out more.

a frog in a well.
someone please jump down and visit the frog more often.
cause we all know we really do care about the machines in stc theater.

i think cvs1 used to be there. when wizzard was still exist.
only people who played/plays in the theater arcade are those brown/black gangster wannabe highschool kids.

And they don’t even have 3S… :smiley:

i hope dennis kim post in this thread, because he is pickering god along with the huge white guy who plays ddr at pickering town centre

Pickering Town Centre has an arcade?

pickering has a mall?

stfu haters. fx had potential. too bad it relied on non-asian people as customers – a surefire way to kill any arcade. i’m actually afraid to see what that place looks like if it’s still open

lol. i’m just kidding around, i used to live in pickering.

i just like making fun of pickering cuz my cousins lived there… and when ppl ask what are they, my cousins reply “phillipino” … the confused pickering ppl then ask “is that some kind of indian tribe?”

no joke :confused:

yeah pickering white people are like a whole different breed of white. i lived in pickering too (for 18 years) so i can vouch for that

it was a sad day when fx took this game out of the arcade

fuzhou china has no fucking arcades, well i havent seen one yet … and i’ve been around the whole city … fucking NO ARCADES … OMG … I MISS 3S …