Scared to hit a button


As the title suggests I’m having trouble doing anything since I’m scared of being punished , so what should I do ?


In what game? In what situations? Stating the obvious, what are you doing that’s causing you to be punished?


Mostly Tekken and Street fighter .
I’m starting to get to the ranks where good players are in , and most people I play use a rush down style and I use a very defensive style . I know what’s safe and what’s not but I punish kind of incorrectly and get punished for it hard , so I developed the habit of just defending and doing the minimum damage with a low poke or an over head .
P.S: I tried switching to rush down and it didn’t suit me .


Wht character do you main? What are their good buttons?. What are the effective ranges? Just ‘fundamental’ things to look for in any fighting game.


I main sakura in Street Fighter and she has a mid to close range . her is a great poke if I’m not wrong and is a great mid range move to punish people who walk forward a lot and i like using it , these are the notable ones . I don’t think the rest need to be mentioned like cr.hp to punish jump ins or or cr.lp which is safe for most characters .
As for tekken I’m using Asuka which is a whiff punish character and Hwoarang who plays different from a person to another .


What you are worried about are ‘frame traps’, this where a skilled player leaves holes in their combos just long enough for an opponent to begin a counter move but the counter move will itself be countered allowing a combo to be either started against a turtler or extended, I always get succkered with them. If your not cornered the best thing you can do is probably attempt to take any opportunity to get to a comfortable distance by dashing out or if you want to try and attack back use the quickest move you have such as cr.LP and then get away.


As Sakura, they should be scared to hit buttons because of the damage output! You should try for some tatsu loops and confirm into a combo. Also, each time you get you should think what you should’ve done different, ie, I should’ve hit the button earlier/ hit the button later/ hit a different button/ not hit a button. Getting punished for attempting something reasonable isn’t so bad as you’ll build your intuition over time.


Frame traps are one of the reasons that made me scared to do anything but the more I think about it the more I think that I need to learn rush down while keeping my defensive style , because I’ll need it at higher ranks and just defending won’t get me anywhere .