Scarlet Terror (flipkick) uses



So I was watching one of Tatsu’s videos, and when one of his opponents tried ex-psycho crusher from full screen, instead of doing a (like I would because of the safe hitbox), he did EX-ST. Neato. There’s got to be more specific and general situations where ST/EX-ST is a viable option. I’m still relatively new to Vega, so I’d like to hear some of your guys’ setups.

I’m not talking about combo wise, I’m talking about just the move itself, whether it be for anti-air purposes, blowing through certain moves, etc…the only thing I know right now is that you can EX-ST through Ken’s xx fireball.


First thing to know is that it isn’t a great reversal move. A simple jab or any other meaty non-fireball attack will stuff even EX-ST on its startup.

Scarlet Terrors are two hits, and if only one hit connects against an airborne opponent, you can do another ST to combo in a second hit. Mess around in training mode to get a feel for the juggles. The light ST by itself is only one hit, but seems to sometimes be a better choice than roundhouse ST for anti-air.

At point blank, a light ST will land you on the other side of a knocked down opponent. Piece of Mercury (the overhead) and Cosmic Heel ( will also do this.

Be careful with using Vega’s st.HK kara grab immediately after holding downback. You might perform an accidental ST instead of a grab, so use the normal grab or be sure to fully break the downback charge first.


its a great gtfo move on dive kick moves, and in between block strings. sure you lose life, but the position you get back is worth the price.


I often use an EX ST upon fast wake up to get out of the corner when I’ve been knocked down and the opponent is jumping in to cross me up. You EX ST under him as he goes over and end up trading positions. Know he’s in the corner and you get to put on the pressure game.


ST beats out:

  1. Overheads
  2. Grabs
  3. Neutral Jumps
  4. jumps (neutral or bad jumps)
  5. Lariats (Mostly Mid range Lariats)
  6. Dumb Focuses
  7. Reversaling Jesus Kicks from Rufus
  8. Anticipated Blanka balls
  9. Anticipated Honda torpedoes
  10. Early Tiger knees (Requires Telekinesis)


i posted this message in the Vega Q&A thread but i doubt that i got a response so i figured i’d post it here…i’m pretty used to using the LK, HK, and EX ST but what about the MK ST…i can’t say that i’ve used it too many times…the angles on it are slightly different, but once again afte using Vega in HDR, my views of how it supposed to/ does work is a bit distorted…anyone have any tips on using the MK ST in the given situations?