Scarlett Takes a Tumble

I’m about to shit on myself.



And people post reaction vids which are about as funny as the actual vid itself.





Holy shit I’m weak.

2001? Shame…

(wrong forum, lol)

Whoops…forgot about the video forum. It’ll be moved there nonetheless.

Chick in second response video is fine.

Original video brought the laughs, big time. I teared up and stuff :lol:.

Didn’t even crack a smile, that bitch is on some Charlie Chaplin bullshit, trying to win 10k from America’s funniest home videos. Utterly boring unlike most misplaced video threads, which made me not click any other links in fear of catching the rampant fail that is clearly present in this thread good sir.

Best animated Gif

I do not find these kind of things funny in general.
That gif picture is what it made funny for me.