SCEA changing playstation network over to SNEA and new TOS April 1st

PS3 users, check your email. I received this today and might be worth your attention.

I only want that the scene finds a way to get back on PSN with a modded PS3 before this happens so I can grab Jill/Shuma before the access gets absolutely shut down, after this change.

It would be even better if the scene didn’t mod their PS3s

I wouldn’t have even bothered to buy a PS3 if it wasn’t moddable, so no loss there. People around here know I’m like that and that I have deep knowledge about that topic, having contributed a lot to the PSP thread, and helped some people in the PS3 thread. also, consider the region I’m from; we’re not even a market. I’m always against cheating, of course. I just do it for the homebrew and the games.

So, what’s the reasoning of your hate about the issue?

by returning your funds does that mean refunding the games and content that you purchased?

Pirating and cheating. Mostly pirating.

he’s guy’s 5-0, what out! lol jk`

@Spooty Look at the location bro…

iirc in South America, piracy is rampant and easy…shrugs… but I’d mod anything I owned if I had the ability to… just to allow my console to everything I want it to do…

Ex. Get my DS to play GBC games(via emulator) since the battery in my cartridges are absolutely no good… no battery= no saves…

Wait…is this a new PS3 thread?

Totally agreed about cheating. But what’s your problem about piracy? I mean, the only reason _I can think, is that you’re angry because you’re paying for something that others aren’t.

I’m not angry about that at all. It’s about economics and paying for your trade. I know that sounds like the same thing, but it isn’t. I’m not concerned with the money I spend versus the money that others spend. I’m concerned with the economy; not paying for shit is the worse way to fix it.

Think about this this way: Back when the PS3 was launched, the cheapest price you could get one during the first year here was $600, and we’re obviously, in average, in a worse economical condition than you, so it’s a “luxury” product down here. Just like the PS2, even now that it has reached an accesible price, people here wouldn’t buy it you couldn’t play backups on the console, so basically it’s money we wouldn’t have spent anyway. Also, we don’t even have official support, we need to fake our addresses and use an American one when we create a PSN account to be able to access the Store, if we use our real address (like in my case), we just don’t get access to anything PSN related besides the online play, meaning Store, Home, etc.

No I think they mean remaining funds in your PSN wallet, not what you’ve already spent on content.

And on the whole piracy thing, even though it’s completely offtopic of the main post, here’s one of the best articles regarding the issue I think Ive seen on the net.