Scenario: Capcom buys Mortal Kombat franchise

Imagine a new MK game with SFIV engine and fighting system. Change everything, but just keep the original storyline and characters.

Then down the line, make a SF vs MK game. DO IT CAPCOM.

Scenario: You make a thread

oh yeah I forgot to put on my flame suit

I saw this scenario on Gamefaqs once.


If they’d make it balanced and not slow as fuck, I’d play it.

it will be good because Capcom made it, and even non MK fans have been waiting for them to come out with a game worth playing

i had a nightmare about this, now is real :shake:

It’s still a scenario.

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im talking about the thread, btw, who is the char in your av?

Scenario: Man suggests terrible idea, expects flames.

fuck, how come nobody ever thought of this?

I actually really like the MK characters and “storyline” so if they ever released a good MK game i would probably play it. However the chances of that happening are slim to none.

Midway has been shopping the Mortal Kombat franchise and Capcom isn’t interested.

thats cause everybody feels like fuck mk, who would want to buy that franchise? its like one of he shittiest ever out there. shit, games like carnovs revenge shit on mk, let alone good fighters.

also wtf does mk have to offer? one of the shittiest stories in a fighter? check, the worst character designs ever in a fighter? check. anything good? no, check.

remake UMK3.

im in =/

Actually MK’s bad points are bad gameplay, rushed feeling of games, and lots of bugs.
Storyline and character designs there are supposed to be good points (although their latest character designs and costumes werent too memorable or “iconic”, compared to ones made by Tobias back in 90’s)

Actually if you find UMK3, MKT and MK4 slow I dont know what is fast then hehe

Juggles my friend. Thx to MKI you had your loved Juggles in SNK and Capcom games now. The run button dinamic also IMO was good and felt fresh compared to double tap F to dash/run.

We are 2 then!