Scene Revival Thread!

Post your idea’s, comments, opinons, anything on how we can help, rebuild, keep, secure out scene!

Lets put Seattle and the Northwest on the map!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

I already put the northwest on the map.

True, but we need to be recognized than more than just marvel.

Plus, we just need new/more players in general

From the last couple of months it’s been booming out here anyway…

What’s the scene like out of seattle? Puyallup is HELLA far and out of the way so I have not a clue as to what other places in WA are like. I have a 5 min drive through residential streets to get to gameworks, so commutes aren’t really my thing.

Right now! Looks like the scene has risen from the dead…for the most part…

dude you must be out of the scene or something…

LETS take a recap:

LTB is known for CvS2 and 3s

SLA and Zigmover is known for pretty much anything 3d (T5 SC2/3 DR)

EBM and i want to say Josh Ray are also known for tekken games

We all know what happened in 2k3 for GGXX

Jeff is pretty buff at AB and AV

and as for more players…let’s run down that list as well

i’m probably forgetting people so sorry in advanced i’m fucking tired alright.

the point i’m trying to bring across is we are already known in the scene…it doesn’t matter what games we are known for. People already know us as is. And if you wanna get known at different games. Travel outside of WA and play in tournaments in other states (NCR ECC MWC etc. etc.) that’s how we did it in 2001.

Now if you’re trying to revive the arcade scene that is another story…

No Frank, you’re out of the scene because you would know why he made this thread if you were in the scene.

I’ve been hella busy and got a bunch of shit to say and not enough time to say it so I guess I’ll begin with this…

-Gameworks seems like the place to do it. However, asking people to show up more often than just on Thursday is kind of a stretch. Lanwerx was perfect, and people only went there on Friday nights, unless there was a tourney. Most peeps are only gonna show up when everyone else is gonna show up, or when it’s most convenient for them to show up. Hence the Thursday nights.

-I would implore people to show up to Zach’s Marvel/Poker nights if they can. Keep in mind that he’s willing to let people play whatever they want, it’s not just delegated to Marvel play. Last time I was there Peachy and Red Bull were playing CvS2 and I hopped in and got rocked. C Sagat/Yamazaki/Rugal baby! We gets down baby! For the crown baby!

-There’s a bunch of “new/unfamiliar” people in the scene now which is great. New additions is always crackin. Kinda random that a lot of them are 3S players, but I can’t knock it at all. New is in, new is good!!

Anyway, I figure we’re taking baby steps in the right direction. Now it’s just getting GW’s attention and letting them know of our existence. I dunno how often they’d be willing to let us throw tourneys but hopefully it’d be monthly. I have more to say but yeah time is of the essence!!!

Well…Ummm…There you have it…LOL!

Personally…I would love to go to the poker nights…need to know where it’s located…

well den can you fill me in like craig david?

My place Friday-

Note that people don’t usually start showing up until after 8. shrug

Stu and Myself is going to attend to one of the poker nights!

Some time soon…

Running a tournament in the seattle area might be a good idea.

Josh just got back from Korea, Mek is back from NY, and Ill be back from Japan ina few days... yay for traveling/practice to perpetuate tactics and ability to fight against characters we dont get practice against!

note 1) SLA is still buff, and Feng is a buff cat.

note 2) WTB Japanese-style arcade in WA. A single semi-rundown/semi-unpopular game center has more DR machines than the entire state of Washington.

note 3) Lili has got to be the best scrub character ever… random launch that goes under mids means not worrying about setups and just randomly thrwing that shit out - fugginstoopid. I cant believe how many times SLA and I lost to that Lili scrub last night. T.T… at least I pwnt that guy`s Ling… in teh butt… with a stop sign.

… granted, as per living in Bellingham for school I still prolly wont make it down unless theres a tourney, or tekken + alcohol, or tourney + alcohol. =x

Anyway, I think Tekken is looking up a lot more than it used to, and its nice that some people are coming back soon. Weve got Eddie who`s always traveled, Mek coming back, me coming back, Ric visiting, Josh back from Korea… lotsa outside Tekken influence filtering in now.

Oh, and things will always work better if the machines are in good condition… its beena while since Ive been to gameworks, but I just remember them constantly having shitty controls. Shitty controls make people not want to play. We could give the manager a letter from the collective scene labled “please don`t have shitty controls… bishes”

…wait, what?

My thoughts…exactly…

would gameworks allow other people to run tournaments there?

Depends on how much we bug them…

I think we all know what we need to do to get things on the roll here…