Scew Size for Arcade Stick?


Hey guys, I’m gonna customize my arcade stick, and i need new screws becuase the old one just won’t screw in anymore from me opening it up so much, i guess the screws are screwed up! (sorry i suck at jokes) if somone could tell me what size or the proper screws for the six screws up front thT holds the template down of the Madcatz SF4 TE round 2 stick, i would highly appreciate it!, and if you could send me a link to buy them that will also be great, I’m thinking about buying these buttons and this joystick, i wanna make sure it’s compatible and it would work with my stick, here is the link
I know it says mad catz sf4 te compatible i wanna make sure, and u guys are the experts!! I dont know if this is on the right thread i was lost and confused! thanks for your help guys!!!


Sending your thread to the tech talk section. They can help you out.


M4 x 12mm.
Choose your head.


So i just screw them in? or do i need something else


I don’t know.
You didn’t give other information.

M4 Nuts if you lost the TE ones inside the Case.


yeah i think i did, becuase the screws isnt tightning up, they just go right threw the hole, do i need a certain size for them? and how do i put them, do i need to open the case up?


M4 is the size.

Open up the TE all the way.


from the bottom right? sorry if i seem a bit dumb, but i never done this before, and thanks for helping me man! i really appreciate it


Top and bottom.
You have to disassemble the whole thing.
Except for the Sides, you do not have to remove those.


ok so im gonna send you a link of the two thing im gnna buy, check them out and see if it would work


Maybe you have a problem with the nut, rather than the bolt (not the screw). The TE nuts can detach quite easily if you push too much with the screwdriver.
You’ll need to open the bottom of your TE and be extra careful when reglueing the nut, making sure the nut is perfectly centered relatively to the hole.