Scheduled Convention Appearances


We need a regularly updated list of when Udon comics reps are going to be appearing in special events such as comic book conventions, signings, and other promotional activities.

For example, there’s an upcoming convention in Las Vegas. Will anyone from Udon be there?


any plans on comming to texas:(


Nobody wants to go to Texas cause it sucksand you have to drive everywhere you go.


There’s a pretty big convention coming up in New York City November 28-30. Hopefully, some guys from UDON can make it. That would rule.


This weekend will probably make our last appearance for a while. We have to really get back to work on all the different projects and make sure everything is still on schedule. So the earliest con we will be going to is probably the Toronto Anime Con next year in March, then Anime North, and then the summer cons.


so yeah, everyone come to Toronto for mad connage :smiley:


don’t forget in-store signings… :smiley: