Scheme of the Xbox 360 MadCatz MicroCon Game Pad Pro's PCB?


Anyone could tell where I can find a scheme of the Xbox 360 MicroCon Game Pad Pro’s PCB?
On the guide at there are the schemes for the 2 version of the Xbox 360 Game Pad’s PCB but I have this MicroCon that I want to put inside my arcade stick.
I really hope it’s common ground :sweat:



please I really need this


I’ll see what I can do, G0d3L. I’ve got one myself. I was planning on using it inside one of mine as well, but it started going wonky - left analog stick likes to freak out in windows so I shelved it.

I don’t mind cracking it open and taking some pics if it’ll help ya. Just give me a day or two.



Thanks a lot I’ll wait for your answer!

Just looked at the looooooong thread (took a couple of hours) and didn’t find my PCB but found how to do for using the LT/RT.
I’ll post my PCB photo and ask for help.
Thanks Imitrex