Schmup suggestions


Tried doing a search, but couldnt find any solid answers…

I’m basically looking for some good schmup suggestions. After doing some lurking here and there, I’ve come across these:


and I really enjoy them. I also have ikaruga and omega 5 on xbl, but suggestions can be for 360, ps1/2/3, mame…w/e really. Thanks!


Let’s see:

Radiant Silvergun (Jap Saturn)
Progear (Mame)
ESP Ra.De. (Mame)
ESPgaluda 1 (Jap Ps2)
ESPgaluda 2 (out in Japan now for 360 and region free)
Mushihime-sama (Jap PS2)
Mushihime-sama Futari (out for 360 in Japan and region free)
Ibara (Jap PS2)
DeathSmiles (Coming out soon here for the 360)

Give those a whirl.


Much thanks…will be checkin these out!!!


Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou (ps2)
Most of the Touhou games (pc)


Some more obscure ones…
Battle Squadron and Hybris (amiga - mostly noteworthy for the fucking awesome music)
Silkworm (arcade - two player this with one as the heli and one as the jeep, awesome)


Some of my favourites are:

R-Type Delta (PS1)
Einhander (PS1)
Gradius Gaiden (PS1)
G-Darius (PS1 and PS2)
Rayforce (Mame)
R-Type Leo (Mame)
19XX: The War Against Destiny (Mame)