School Celebrates Black History Month with Fried Chicken, Watermelon, Corn Bread


And today in “wtf were you thinking?” news…


You’ve gotta ask how many people saw this before it went down and didn’t think “this might not be the brightest idea”.


Sounds like a delicious lunch.


That sounds delicious. Fuck getting offended. Give me some grape soda too and that Sounds Like An Amazing Lunch


I just finished reading this a few minutes ago.

I know it’s a stereotype, but it always caught me as a stupid one. Who doesn’t love fried chicken, cornbread, and watermelon? I LOVE that shit. If my school wanted to serve me rice, tacos, and carne asada for Cinco de Mayo I wouldn’t complain, I’d go back for seconds.


Why is that offensive?


It’s offensive because it is perpetuating a stereotype.


Exactly, this should be the standard school menu everyday except pizza Thursday’s, that stays :coffee:


Pizza Thursdays da fuck?

Pizza Friday.


What the fuck? I would like to be served fried chicken and cornbread.


Why isnt watermelon served everyday?


My Body is Ready…for that Fried Chicken


did not include collard greens, not offical enough…


No mention of dat classic GRAPE DRANK?


Korean Fried Chicken > All other fried chicken


What a bunch of dumbasses
You can’t leave out collard greens and not expect anyone to get upset.
It’s not even a nutritionally complete meal without it!


No Kool-Aid?


Didn’t include that soul food macaroni and cheese either smh.
Either way this is some of the most amusing shit I’ve read regarding a school.


One of the funny things was that the black student union’s negotiation on this was to remove watermelon, and the school was like “no, it’s fine, we’ll remove the one healthy part of the lunch, just please don’t sue us.”


Accidental double post.

This quote is 100% accurate, though, Korea has some fucking amazing fried chicken pretty much everywhere.


I don’t really like fried chicken like that, but let me have watermelon every day of the week please. How can anyone not like watermelon?