School cleans kid up, gets sued?


Makes me wonder who’s more grimey: the kid, or the parents?


When I bathe , I use

No doubt I think the school was outta line, but the parents are milking this.

They lose even more points for not even sounding remotely believable. An 8-year sprays himself with cologne? Really? An 8-year old gets traumatized to the point where he becomes obsessive compulsive about being clean? :rolleyes:


Definitely the parents. The school really should have contacted them about this. Schools have a dress and apperance standard. They could have sent him home with that part of the school regulation highlighted and told the parents that he won’t be allowed back until they comply.


I grew up in boyle heights so I have seen dirty ass mexican kids get removed from class for being a health hazard. As they goddamn should be. But the USA of today are filled with pussy parents and entitled cunts, so there would probably OUTRAGE for kicking out their filthy diseased impoverished bum kids out of school


Was he mexican and they just tried to get the “brown” out?
It is Texas after all…


I…I don’t even know who is wrong in this case.

I mean yes a child should take a bath, but not at school. But at the same time the parents are responsible for him getting to that situation.

Fuck it, here everyone loses including the kid. He’ll get over it in like a week.


You have a hilarious point. When I was in middle school this filthy kid who looked like he stepped out of a coal mine and smelled like he worked in a stockyard. I felt bad for him until he infested most of the school with head lice. I think social services was eventually called in and we never saw him again.


“Forcibly bathed” seems a trifle unnecessary. Let the little turd have a shot at bathing himself before busting out the sponges and hoses.

Story time. When my dad was in the first grade, he splashed in a bunch of rainwater puddles on the way to school. His pants and shoes got completely soaked, so he was sent to the principal’s office pretty much as soon as he arrived. The original plan was to put him in a private room while his pants were in the dryer, but some idiot staff member insisted that he go to class.

So they did the logical thing: they wrapped the lower half of his body in paper and even made him little paper shoes.

My uncle (Dad’s oldest brother) was in class in the same building. He said that everybody could hear my dad’s shuffling feet all the way down to the other end of the hallway.

In conclusion, school administrators sometimes deal with logical problems in completely ass-backward illogical ways.


This should be mandatory… Especially during tournaments…Stream it too!


Why did the faculty have to strip the little boy. I think this is where the problem comes from. The second they took off a little boys clothes, especially with all the rapings going on, the whole thing became a problem. I’m sure the parents coached the kid to say he his head was mesed up from the cleaning. BUT THE SCHOOL TOOK AN 8YR OLD’S CLOTHES OFF BY FORCE.


If the child was that grimey consistently, they needed to call CPS. That school is hella stupid.


violently washed his body? the kid got a free bath, unless they got some dangerous chemicals in his eyes/mouth I don’t see the big deal

i loved it when the teachers would call off school work and let us sit in the shade while they hosed us down…u know, those teachers who did that actually cared


Right, because it’s a health hazard.

Sounds like borderline child neglect on the parents part.

My dad once told me he would wear trashbags over his Brogans (a brand of shoe back then I guess, perhaps local?) when it was really rainy out so the water wouldn’t get it.

Oh, old people. They crack me up sometimes.


No disagreement here. They’re both wrong. Not arguing that at all.


just because people are crazy, they shouldnt have took the liberty to wash the kid. Even if he needed it.

But I like how the 8 year old is scared from being forced to wash…:rofl:

There are much worst things that kids go through at 8 that dont scar them this BADLY


Something doesn’t sit right with forcing someone to bathe…



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Yes, to a varying degree on this matter.

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