School of K'un-Lun - The Iron Fist Combo Thread

Welcome to the Iron Fist combo thread. I’d like this thread to have information that updates regularly to keep everyone in the loop, and so that essential combos and tricks/tech do not get buried within the pages of the thread. . Feel free to help out as I am only one guy, any missing info will be added eventually.

Iron Fist movelist and data

Here are a few guidelines so you know what components are required for a solid Iron Fist combo, and additional information/media that I’d like you to provide if you can:

  1. Solo combos only.
  2. Do not start any combo with Chi already activated.
  3. Combo openers are st.:m:, cr.:h:, Dragon’s Tail, Crescent Heel, or Iron Rage.
  4. Hypers must be fully mashed.
  5. If you can, please provide a decent quality video that clearly displays the damage, and only contains the combo you are posting.

About Chi
For all combos I will also include the damage of the combo had it been performed with Red Chi already active. These will be in brackets beside the original damage.

Even though this is mainly solo stuff, I feel the need to include the assists that save the ground bounce on Crescent Heel and allow you to continue the combo after, since it’s pretty important in extending Iron Fist’s combos.



Spencer: Slant Shot
Hawkeye: Greyhound
Frank West: Shopping Cart
Rocket Raccoon: Spitfire Twice
Arthur: Dagger Toss (Gold Armour Version): Normal version can work too but in long combos it will drop.
Akuma: Tatsumaki Zankyukaku
Dante: Jam Session
Chris: Gunfire, Land Mine
Chun-Li: Lightning Legs
Ryu: Hadoken, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku


Chi Super Cancel

Thanks to LukyBear[/details]

Comboing off of “out of range” throws.


Basically as soon as your feet hit the floor, hit your two/three button dash while near simltaneously inputting Crescent Heel.[/details]


1 Bar

832,300 (893,000)
s.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::m:, :dp::l:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:m:, s.:h:, :b:+:h:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::h:, :dp::l:, :qcb::m:, :qcb::h:, :qcb::s:, :b:~:b:+:h:, :qcb::l:, :qcf::h:, :qcf::s:, :dp::atk::atk:

s.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::m:, :dp::l:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, j.:h:, j.:s:, cr.:m:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::h:, :qcb::h:, :qcb::s:, :b:~:b:+:h:, cr.:h:, :qcb::l:, :qcf::h:, :dp::l:, :qcb::m:, :qcf::h:, :qcf::s:, :dp::atk::atk:

2 Bars

s.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::m:, :dp::l:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:m:, s.:h:, :b:+:h:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::h:, :dp::l:, :qcb::m:, :qcf::l:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::atk::atk:, :b:, :qcb:l:, :qcf::l:, :dp::atk::atk:

3 Bars

1,070,400 (1,130,800)
s.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::m:, :dp::l:, :h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:m:, s.:h:, :b:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcb::h:, :qcb::s:, :b:~:b:+:h:, :qcb::l:, :qcf::h:, :qcf::s:, :qcb::m:, :dp::l:, :qcb::atk::atk:

4 bars


1,125,300 (1,185,700)
s.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::m:, :dp::l:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:m:, s.:h:, :b:+:h:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::h:, :dp::l:, :qcb::m:, :qcb::l:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::atk::atk:, :qcb::l:, :qcb::atk::atk:

X-Factor Combos

X-Factor combo 1.

X-Factor Combo 2.

Throw Combos*

:f::h:, :atk::atk:~:qcb::m:, :qcb::h:, :qcb::s:, s.:m:, :b:+:h:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::h: xx :dp::l:~:atk::atk:

Throw, :qcb::m:, :qcf::h:, :dp::uf::l:~:atk::atk:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcb::h: xx :dp::l:~:atk::atk:

Throw combos are in need of updating.

This is my 2 bar BnB for IF when I choose to use it, utilising Dorm’s Dark Hole assist for extension. It’s kept simple early on because anything more complex means the after hyper extension won’t work due to HSD. And it doesn’t work on those who cr.:h:, :f:+:h: won’t work on, like She Hulk, Iron Fist, Spider Man and anyone else that applies to:

st.:m:, st.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf:+:l: xx :qcf:+:m: xx :dp:+:l: > st.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h: > Jump Cancel > j.:h:, j.:s:, st.:m:, st.:h:, :b:+:h: xx :qcf:+:m: xx :dp:+:l: > :qcb:+:m: xx qcf:+:h: xx :qcf:+:m: xx :qcf:+:atk::atk: > cr.:h: (+Call Dormammu Dark Hole assist), :f:+:h: > Dark Hole hits > :qcb:+:h: xx :dp:+:l:~:atk::atk:

-1,001,000 damage

Also I’ve got those more beneficial combos where IF hard tags out after the crumple if you feel they’re worth including, as I could provide simple combos with Dorm and Wolverine after the tags using only IF’s assist and the tagged character, for both inside of the corner and midscreen.

Also, with XF3 stocked:
st.:m:, st.:h:, :b:+:h: > XF3 > st.:m:, st.:h:, :b:+:h: > st.:m:, st.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf:+:l: xx :qcf:+:m: xx :dp:+:l: etc. etc.

In XF3:
st.:m:, st.:h:, :b:+:h: > st.:h:, :b:+:h: > st.:m:, st.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf:+:l: xx :qcf:+:m: xx :dp:+:l: etc. etc.

Hey gomu im having trouble with your 2bars combo, i cant seem to connect j.S to s.M any tips?

Delay j.S as long as possible so that you can land and have more time to connect s.M. Once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.

This is a combo I’m currently working on, probably already been done but I’ve only just picked up the character…
s.M, s.H, f.H, 214L (Dragon Tail), 236L (Lotus Whip), 236M (Dragon’s Touch), 623L (Red Chi), S, j.MHS, 214M (Crescent Heel), 214L (Dragon Tail), 236S (Wall of K’un-Lun) = 509k damage
Sorry I cant give a video :S I’m about to see how much damage putting a super on the end adds, but til then it’s meterless and assistless, and I think it works everywhere.
(But I am proud that this is the first combo I made without looking at SRK for help about the character first :D)

I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I just realized most combos can end up in the corner even if your back is to the corner. You just need to jump over them and cross up when they are crumpled. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong thread or already posted somewhere else, but I just realized this and before I struggled to wave dash half the screen.

All of his bnbs take you to the corner anyway, but yes, you can do that also. It may mess up some of the longer combos because of HSD though.

yeah thats what I feared. I have used the same bnb that I learned a while ago when I was first starting IF. I think its one of yours from a vid you posted.

Well the basic rule of IF combos is that as long as you get past the jump combo into the first hard knockdown, you don’t have to worry about HSD because after that point you’re just doing otgs into soft knockdown into hard knockdown into wallbounce into hard knockdown, etc. Experiment with hopping over the crumpled corpse though, it shouldn’t mess up HSD.

Yeah I got that combo to work fine when I jumped over the crumpled opponent. Its the one where you wave dash like a mad man to get to the other side, except I’m not to great at wave dashing on my new stick yet so I just jump over them when I need to instead. Its weird though, because I can tri-dash better than I could before but I’m having trouble wave dashing after the crumple.

Oh, ok. You shouldn’t need to wavedash in any combo thhough. His full combos always take you to the corner.

that two bar combo that you posted up there takes them to the corner? Thats the one I use but I didn’t know that it goes corner to corner. Thanks I guess I wont need to have to jump over any bodies.

Yeah it does. If you start in the corner, you will have to dash > Crescent Heel to get the otg.

Nice. thanks for the help GomuGomu


  • Added videos for the bnbs above, optimized 1 bar combo, and a new* 4 bar combo.
  • You can add a tiny bit more damage to your bnbs by using :h: instead of :m::h: after the jump loop. It can be finicky and hard to time especially in the corner where you can be crossed up while doing your combo. You’re better off doing the standard combo for safety but the option is there.

*Probably not new but whatever.

Great stuff. the dragon’s tail to lvl three is nice new tech. And that one bar definitely seems easier than the one I’ve been using. I do have a different 4 bar combo though. 1.2mil. I one touched a Hulk with it once. That was pretty awesome.


Some other stuff:
Chun’s Lighting Legs, Hawkeye’s Greyhound (“triple arrow!” assist) and Chris’ landmine all not only preserve the groundbounce, but also allow you to do another after it’s already been used up. I’m trying to come up with some nice throw combos using the landmine, but I only just figured it out today.

Nice! Gonna add that now. How much does that combo do with red Chi already activated?

Yeah I’ve been meaning to test more assists but I haven’t got around to it. I have another video I’m going to put up to show how to preserve the ground bounce after a throw midscreen. Basically slide heel but with an assist.

Ooo, I never thought to check. It does 1.255. Just barely enough to kill anyone. I wonder if Thor does anything slow enough on the ground that you can activate chi then punish with an :m:

And slide heel, yeah that’s a good name for it. Fucking hard as hell though.

Alright quickly optimized the combo. Instead of Twin Snakes, use Surging Fist.

I’m finding easier to do the slide heel by myself nowadays, but with Akuma’s assist it’s pretty hard to get down.