School of K'un-Lun - The Iron Fist Combo Thread


  • Arghh so close to breaking 1 mil for two bars. Just came up with a new 2 bar combo that gets 965,300. Will have a video up soon.
  • Have a few throw combos ready to post. Better than ones already up.

Since we were talking about assist combos, I threw this together as a dry run for a larger project I’m working and I thought I’d share:

The combos aren’t yet optimized, but they do show what you can do if you have assists that let Iron Fist OTG more than once.

Crazy combos, Nefarious Joe!! What do you do after a Rising Fang? Do you do Dual Palm, Dragon Tail, Surging Fist?
Can you write the inputs for your combos??

i dont know why you guys still settle for less than 1mil combos. paired with 1 bnb, 1 assist, 2 meters, everyone dies except maybe thor i guess.

I don’t get what you mean, we’re already getting 1 mil with an assist involved, that’s not a problem.

That new 2 bar combo is wonderful. Thanks for keeping up the OPs so well, by the way.

That’s what I’m doing after a rising fang, yes. Just remember to dash back before the dual palm.

And the combos are mostly hacked up versions of the ones posted in the OPs, and not optimized (in fact, messing around tonight, I’ve already come up with better stuff), but sure:

Combo 1 (900k):
:m::h::qcf::l::qcf::m::dp::l::h::d:+:h::f:+:h:(jumpxx)j:h:j:s:(land):m::h::b:+:h::qcf::l::qcb::h::qcb::s:(back dash):b:+:h::qcb::l::qcf::h::dp::l::a1:(lightning legs) :qcb::m::qcf::h::qcf::s::qcb::m::qcf::h::qcf::s::dp::atk::atk:

Combo 2 (1mil):
:m::h::qcf::l::qcf::m::dp::l::h::d:+:h::f:+:h:(jumpxx)j:h:j:s:(land):m::h::b:+:h::qcf::l::qcf::h::dp::l::qcb::m::qcf::h::dp::l::a1:(lightning legs) :qcb::m::qcf::h::qcf::m::qcf::atk::atk::dp::atk::atk:

Combo 3 (850k):
:qcb::m::qcf::h::dp::l::a2: (landmine):qcb::m::qcb::h::qcb::s: (backdash) :qcb::l::qcf::h::dp::l::a1: (lightning legs) :qcb::m::qcf::h::qcf::s::dp::atk::atk:

Combo 4 (1.25mil)
:qcb::l::qcf::m::qcf::h::qcb::l::qcf::h::a2: (landmine) :qcb::m::qcb::h::qcb::s: (backdash) :b:+:h::qcb::l::qcf::h::dp::l::a1: (lightning legs) :qcb::m::qcf::h::qcf::m:::qcf::atk::atk:: (dhc to Chris) :qcf::atk::atk: (jump back) :qcf::h: (dash) :b:+:h::qcb::m: (cancel on first hit) :dp::atk::atk:

Several reasons:
-Why spend the bar when sometimes 900k will do just fine?
-One isn’t always going to get an ideal hit to start combos. Sometimes you’ll catch them low with a sweep, or you’ll hit confirm off an assist, or you’ll land an instant overhead. If you’re not going to kill them outright, you may as well have an efficient combo in your pocket
-All of his supers are useful tools outside of combos. I like to have a boatload of meter on hand for them, so I don’t want my combos to be wasteful.

Loving the new thread, I’ve been lurking on and off since release. I’m noticing there’s no real air to air confirms comboes, the last thing I ever seem to get in a match is a clean hit lol. Any tips on how to confirm air to air?

I’m having problems wit him I bin using him for about a month now n I keep gettin creamed!!!

  1. I can’t seem to get in to start a combo I have donte jam and strider assist
  2. I can’t really confirm his hits it hard to time them even the first hit!
  3. Then when I do luck up and get a good start I developed this stupid habbit of hitting crumble right after M smh
  4. Judging the distance between his standing M and H
    I kno he’s good and does a ton of damage and I don’t plan on dropping him cause I kno he’s a monster one u use him right.i kno good start off bnbs and I pulled them off in the lab (sometimes online) anyone kno any good practice methods or tips to stop this craziness!!! Please help!

You should be able to hit confirm by the time you have pressed :m: :h: :f::h: :d::df::f::l::d::df::f::m: - If you can not see if you have hitconfirmed by that blockstring, you actually should not play this character - no offence. If you do this string, and see that they block it, just do :d::df::f::l: again, since that is safe on block (tho look for grabs)

So when i finally get down the jump cancel part, i find that if i am not already in the corner, i will cross under when i do the :h: after the :m: when i land. Is there another staple combo that i could use instead?

You’re doing it too fast. Which character did you practice on?

hey GomuGomu you have a combo with spencer in it on your youtube channel but i cant seem to find the notation for it anywhere - mind posting it?

its this one

I usually just pick random when i am in the lab, and yes i am getting the combo in more and more now, but compared to the other characters i play (frank west and nemesis) this is hard stuff. I still have not got the last part to fit in yet. (the part after qcb+m, qcb+h, qcb+s) But hopefully it will later on :slight_smile:

Progressrapport: I am doing a shortened down version of the staple combo, I still do 950ish damage of 2 supers, and needs 1 rekka chain less than usuall. I will eventually try the more staylin ones, but i´ll post my version here. For the scrubs like me to try out before going to the hard stuff.

2 Bars

s.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::m:, :dp::l:, s.:h:, cr.:h:, :f:+:h:, j.:h:, j.:s:, s.:m:, s.:h:, :b:+:h:, :qcb::h:, :qcf::h:, :dp::l:, :qcb::m:, :qcb: :l:, :qcf: :h:, :qcf:+:atk:+:atk: > wallbounce :b::h: :dp:+:atk:+:atk: 950ish damage

Does not carry from wall to wall, but as long as you are 3/4 from a wall, it should be ok, or else the first :qcb::m: will be hard to hit.

I remember Gomu-Gomu mentioning it but I can’t seem to find it again. Do you know which characters after crumpled does c.:h:, b.:h: into Dragon’s Tail not work with? I have found it for She-Hulk, Phoenix, and Spiderman.

Sentinel, Iron Fist, and Iron Man. There May be more.

Hmm thanks. I shall continue with the search.

What is IF’s bnb X-factor combo? I run him on anchor (i know this isnt optimal) and when i cantch someone i need to kill i want to know when to burn XF…

Hmm I haven’t really practised XF combos since his basic bnb in XF should kill just about everything. If I burn XF on a character it’ll usually go something like this:

:m:, :h:, :f:+:h:, Lotus Whip, Dragon’s touch, XFactor, :s:, j.:m::m::h::s:, Crescent Heel, Surging Fist, Dragon’s Touch, Volcanic Roar

Am I the only one that can’t connect the st.MP after the j.HP, j.S? The character keeps recovering in time before I can connect it. when I slow it down, the character still recovers early.