School related


P.S. If the style looks different, (for those that remember my past works), then its my brother’s :wink:


<<scratches head>>

um… so who are we talking to? the one who’s been here since a long time ago who used to do these pencil sketches, or his brother (whose art ponpoi used to post now and then)?

either way, nice pics :slight_smile: I like the girl better… the guy’s nice but isn’t as interesting - looks generic manga style. (not to say that he looks bad though)

tripping over my words today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


my brother’s :slight_smile: I still do pencil sketches


i agree with rook, that first one has that special something. real nice work.


amazing, just amazing.
very nice work!:cool:



if an eye-pupil twice larger then a tooth , it’s called anime


Love the first one.

Second’s nice.



Whoa, these are some kick ass pictures, great job pal.

I like the second one alot.:cool: :smiley: :slight_smile: