School "spies" on student. Student sues school

I first heard of this from watching Fox News…


I mean the laptops do technically belong to the school…but does that give them the right to randomly activate the hidden webcams?

And what’s to stop a teacher eyeing young meat?

I thought “eyeing young meat” was the whole pupose of letting the admins do it, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the “innapropriate behaviour” was.

Disgusting news and I hope someone ends up in jail for this.

Yeah, uh, this seems extremely fucking illegal to me. What if one of the kids is undressing or something? Somebody’s going to win some money from that school.

Supposedly they “intended” to use it to track the laptops if stolen. Ever hear of lojack you dumbasses?

Now you know… If you recieve a laptop or PC from your school… REFORMAT that shit. Or just don’t accept laptops from schools.

if the guardians signed an agreement for something like this, which they might have since parents sign a lot of random stuff from schools without really knowing it, then it should be legal. is it right? no.

They sell a lot of “it’s OK to make child porn of my kids” contracts at Office Max now a days?

I don’t think so. I haven’t read on this case but just from hearing about it sounds like invasion of privacy.(4th amendment anyone?) Not to mention to whole child pornography thing. What if the webcam was one while a student was changing?

I am no lawyer, but just some things off the top of my head Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and probably something to do with civil rights.

Protip: you ain’t making money if the basis of your suit is the Constitution, you can throw it in there just to make the school and superintendent look extra shady. Furthermore since schools are run by the municipality you won’t have a good cause of action against the state of Pennsylvania, the students will just sue based on the bajillion statutes passed to prevent spying through computers and that is exactly what they did.


Well I figure you would sue through civil court for damages and “legal remedy.”

Then the government can deal with the criminal side of things.

MS Word and a printer is good enough. With that said MANY of those signed “contracts” are thrown out the door in court, even legal ones. Hell even the “If your dumbass kids hurts themselves on my trampoline” are jokes now.

Statutes can prescribe civil remedies as well as punish people criminally. The remedies that these people are trying to recover on are federally mandated privacy statutes that have civil remedies, i.e., monetary damages because it is generally hard to compensate someone for “loss of privacy”, how would that ever be calculated?


You’re the lawyer you figure it out! I’m sure you guys can figure out somehow to put a price tag on privacy.
I’m sure after the whole ordeal is over someone going to create a fund to fight against “invasion of privacy” and run with the donations. :rofl:

This is seriously not right.

It is the job of the jury to calculate damages. :coffee:


Don’t you guys throw out a ball park range though? What if they decides it’s 1 cent or 1 trillion dollars? :coffee:

Nope, the opposite actually. Basically the jury is given evidence as to what injury the person suffered and what they can compensate for and then they go in there and figure it all out. Anything more then giving the evidence and explaining how the person was injured is not allowed. Basically the 1 cent versus 1 trillion dollars as why parties settle the great majority of the cases, they do not want to give juries to opportunity to go ballistic one way or the other.


I don’t think you could get very much money anyways, seeing as how school district boards are broke nowadays, right? :lol:

This shit is definitely fucked up though. Hope the dumbass in charge of that idea gets his ass fired.

Apparently not broke if they could buy all their students laptops so they can spy on them.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Who knows what the hell is on there when you get something like this…

as the koreans say: