Schoolgirls still hit hard! New USF4 combos/setups discussion thread



Thought I’d start this. :slight_smile: Thread for new tech/combos/setups for Sakura in USF4!


Her far standing fierce can chase down some wake up back dashes. Then cancel into ex. tatsu or what have you. Also, fs.fierce xx hadouken is a block string and adds good pressure in the corner. I throw it in there to mix things up and sometimes will catch a counter hit.


Anyone do any testing with Sakura’s charged Hadoken setups against DWU? Can you charge slightly late and release it early if you don’t see the Technical or does the extra speed from the lvl2 charge negate that? Since I can’t test it right now, but I’m wondering if combo timing (for when you throw the lvl2 behind them) might also function as anti-DWU tech.


I was annoyed by how some standard combos weren’t working on Elena and Poison, so I took the time to experiment for a while. I recorded some examples of loops you can do on them in different situations and compiled them into a video. It includes comboing into far standing HP, which is an awesome new option for meaty LK tatsu that I still need to test on other characters (definitely doesn’t work on Yun/Yang though. I went straight to them as soon as I found it.) I just uploaded it, so I’ll post it here.


When c.hp xx lk tatsu connects in it’s later active frames, you get +8 on hit? or is it more than that? How tight is the fs.hp link? Sorry, I don’t have my xbox with me.


It’s not always +8 on hit, but that’s the absolute maximum frame advantage it is able to produce unless I’m mistaken. It’s why you can do LK Tatsu into U2 KKK on Dan during his awkward focus crumple animation in the corner. So yeah, if you’re ever able to hit far st. HP after a LK Tatsu, it’s gonna be a 1-frame link.


+9 (6 active frames, +4 if you hit on the first one) is the max, so if someone finds a setup for a super meaty mid combo Tatsu… you might just be able to walk up and do an infinite.


lol those elena screams are ridiculous dont remember them in SFxT

[quote=“Ambassador_Foxx, post:4, topic:169385”]

[/quote] Is the character on auto block? Doesn't look like it.


I noticed that some of her safe jumps no longer work (i.e throw->(whiff)Lp->Meaty Neutral Jump Mk on Ryu). Does anyone know of any safe jumps that currently work?


You mean this one?

Just tested it still works but seems a bit harder to pull off in USF4 for some odd reason, all her safe jumps from AE should still work in USF4 the only thing that has changed is DWU.


Do the Sakura setups from AE carry over to Ultra? Can someone redirect me to a thread where I can learn some Sakura setups for Ultra? Thanks :slight_smile: