Sci Fi Tv Thread


(Geez, I don’t think I’ve made a thread in years, maybe four.)

It always weirded me out what series get threads when it comes to General Discussion and what series don’t. I noticed most of the few things I watch, like Archer, don’t tend to get one, even if they’re great. So, I figured I’d actually make one for once since the only person I’m even sure watches this show is RockBogart to my recollection.

**(2012 EDIT: Now that this a general Sci-Fi TV show thread–thanks again Valaris–and all, I’ll probably make the first post official at…some point beyond this; blame my sloth for now doing it right now even with the other things I’m working on.

As for now, I’m just going to listing Sci-Fi shows that I know about or that have been suggested. With Eureka freshly ended for good and given that I basically only regularly watch Syfy when it comes to TV, much less live action, and watch relatively little of (that isn’t “news”), this isn’t going to be expansive or anything:

[]Warehouse 13 (Currently returned as of 07/23/2012and its fourth season.)
]Alphas (Currently returned as of 07/23/2012 and its second season.)
[]Lost Girl (Currently running in its second (?) season.)
]Falling Skies (On TNT? In its second season?)
[*]The Walking Dead (On AMC. I think its third season is coming up soon. Has its own thread regardless.)

Other people who aren’t in the U.S. can suggest other things, but I’m trying to stick to stuff that comes on American TV due to the utter bias I have.)**

I’m tempted to just make it a general Syfy series thread given the three series premiering today–Eureka’s sixth (?) season, Warehouse 13’s third season and Alphas’s premiere–and Haven’s return this Friday. However, putting (only) Syfy in the title is likely to be…off-putting to people, even though their (non-reality) series are actually quite good unlike most of their original movies.

Anyway, “sales pitch” aside, I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum since the first episode of the third season, aptly titled “The New Guy”, hasn’t come on yet for some of you–the only reason it’s come on early on for me because despite being in PST, I’ve had satellite for a while:

The New Guy


[]I laughed quite a bit realizing why “The New Guy” looked so familiar, especially after confusing him with his brother.
]Similarly laughed a bit after realizing how everyone in that universe would probably be dead if Ms. Frederick was an assassin between CCH Pounder apparently channeling Batman to go with her Amanda Waller.
[]Good to see they’re still using Lena. I had kinda of feared towards the end of the first season and after her run in with the Pearl during the second that they would just kinda forget about her given that it would easy to do–even though I’m pretty sure everyone in the Warehouse actually lives at her inn.
]Lol at Steve getting tasered by Artie. I’m surprised he didn’t bring that up later.
[]I wonder how heavily that ocular lie detection is going to play into things.
]Yay, Myka’s back, at least temporarily. It’s weird how H.G. Wells seemed to convince her more easily than anyone else. Hmm…
[]I have to wonder if H.G. Wells even has a body anymore due to the fucked up tech that the Warehouse has access to. Pretty sure any of the people on Ms. Frederick’s level or above could pull off some “And I Must Scream” shit pretty easily.
]It’s going to be odd having three agents around even though I guess Claudia was that for half of the second season.

You can watch the rest of the earlier episodes from the series Warehouse 13 here as well as any of Syfy’s other series.

Not much else to say given that I want to avoid spoilers.

Currently watching Alphas now. It’s a lot more interesting than I thought it would be, even if Nina seems kinda of broken. Heh, saying “kinda of broken” is being kinda of generous to point where I’m almost certain she’ll be the first to die ala Eden from Heroes even with all the hints that she has a “dark past” and the Scary Black Man comes with build-in heart attack timer. Maybe she has a bigger drawback than we’re seeing presently since that seems to be the theme of the powers in this series already.

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Nice Warehouse premier. I forgot how funny Pete can be. And Myka is looking pretty nice with straight hair.

I used to like Eureka, but now I can’t seem to make it through a full episode. Alphas is surprisingly decent and has some nice special effects, but I don’t think I’ll stick with it.


(Yes, Mr. McClintock can be rather hilarious at times.)

Yeah, I somewhat feel about you about Eureka, but for me, I think it’s more about the time travel thing. It’s not so much that it’s “jumped the shark” or anything to me, especially since Beverly’s plans look like they might finally come to fruition this season (or that she’ll at least be back again). However, it just makes it so difficult to keep up with everything given that they can choose what to “retcon” or not given that they essentially changed all of reality.

Any reason you can’t see yourself sticking with Alphas? Or just afraid that it’s going to pull a Heroes and become irredeemably stupid after a point?


As long as Claudia stays around I’m happy with that show.


(Half-way to Haven this Friday. This season looks like it might be more fucked-up than the first, especially if one of these episodes is going to essentially mimic It like the trailers make it seem.)

For some reason, it still surprises me how popular Claudia has become since, even as often as it happens for an early “villain” to become part of a crew in some episodes, I thought she wouldn’t sure up beyond one or two episodes later like her brother has. Yet she’s become part of the main cast and is arguably the most popular of them. She’s definitely appeared on more shows than any of them between Eureka, Destination Truth and that special episode of Ghost Hunters (last Halloween?).

Then again, I think the girls of the show are more popular than the boys given that Joanne Kelly seems to have a lot more popular than Eddie McClintock. Wonder if Aaron Ashmore will shift the balance towards neutral more. (Or if he’ll get blamed for third or even fourth wheeling the team, however unfairly.)


(Bumping this even though I haven’t seen everything yet and I’ve been leaving things up to my DVR, which appears to be a mistake with DirecTV compared to Dish Network. Ugh.)

It’s funny how Beverly continues to the most persistent pain in Eureka’s backside despite going out of her way not to hurt people. It’s especially funny because of someone tends to get killed at least once episode, at least in the earlier seasons. Speaking of death, I have to wonder if they’ll make anything about Ming-Na’s character looking like Kim (or rather being a completely different version of Kim technically) or they already did.

Onward to Warehouse 13, which is currently on now, it’s really odd to see Gareth David-Lloyd on something American.


There should just be a SyFy thread.

Can’t say I’m surprised Eureka was cancelled. I liked the cast, but the episodes have become very formulaic for me. I mean, most sci-fi is formulaic, but something about Eureka has become extra predictable after they came back from the 40s.

For Alphas…I’m just not feeling the cast. Individually, the characters are interesting, but I find their team dynamic just isn’t their for me. Then again, I’m prone to more comical sci-fi teams.

Don’t sleep on Warehouse 13 everyone!


Just started Warehouse 13. So far I’m digging it. I’m about 7 episodes in to season 1, should probably finish 1st season today.


I still believe that warehouse 13 has the worst premise of any show ever made, and somehow I still watch it, damn you pete.


(Seriously, what is with SRK not alerting me to all the things I’m in. I’m only in like six and still manages to fail half of the time…)

Warehouse 13 has the worst premise for a series? I highly doubt that, even not counting reality series. It’s quirky, sure, but sci-fi stuff should be more daring. Otherwise we’d just get more inane sitcoms like I’m With Her for Million to gripe about years after they’ve ended.

There should be. …And then white shadow apparently went and made Alphas thread.


Eureka got canceled? Hunh.

I guess can’t say I’m really surprised, especially with all the time traveling they did and losing Ed Quinn, who I imagine was probably the best eye candy that show had for the women. Oh well, it had a good run and at least it will get to have an ending unlike so many other (once) good shows that get canceled.


(Bumpity bumpity. I still need to catch up on episodes of everything that isn’t Eureka.)

Wow. I think tonight’s episode of Warehouse 13 might have been the nerdiest episode of any TV show ever.

Also, wow, Steve’s character is as horrible at lying to people as I thought he would be. That’s almost as hilarious as Pete hitting everything in the game.


so many references in tonights episode…i started laughing so hard when kirk vs spock music came on…like they got the rights for that song hahah


(Ugh. Let’s see if I can actually keep up with this thing this time.)

While I unfortunately can’t change the title at present and I probably should have bumped this for Eureka’s last season that ended just a week ago today, I can still bump it now with both Warehouse 13’s fourth and Alphas second seasons premieres tonight.

Holy shit did I miss a bunch of both shows last year. No wonder I didn’t bump this that much.

Not going to say much right now since I apparently should really watch my DVR now to try to make sense of things, however I’ll just say this for now:

When it comes

[details=Spoiler]Ms. Frederick being still around, I’m glad for that. Between her apparently dying because the Warehouse blew up at the end of last season and them killing off Steve (which I had been spoiled to), that seemed a bit “much”. The latter’s death seems like it’s going to be major factor in this season though with Claudia going “dark” to get him back.

With regards to Alphas, nice to see Nina’s still broken. I was surprised to see Elias Toufexis is not only on the show at all, but apparently is a going to be of at least moderate importance. It’s going to take a while to get used to him having that much facial hair.[/details]

I’ll probably talk about Lost Girl here too because I’d ignored that show, but the few episodes I’ve seen of it have been highly entertaining, so I’m going to try to keep up with it now even if I’m highly lost. Let’s “hope” that it getting moved to Fridays doesn’t kill it.

So, provided this doesn’t die again, whether due to my sloth or no one else caring, I think it’s safe to say that anything on Syfy (“original” series-wise) is fair game here now. So talk about Destination Truth or whatever Paranormal show is on if you really really want to.


Damn it, how did I forget to DVR the Warehouse 13 premiere?! Oh well, it’s already on Hulu.

Not SyFy channel related, but anyone else watching Continuum? It’s a Canadian sci-fi show that stars the green alien chick from the Star Trek reboot and Bratac from SG-1. Lot of other familiar sci-fi series faces too. I only saw the premier, so all I can say is that it’s going to be a time travel show. High production value, but acting was pretty bad at times. I’m wondering if all the good actors go to America haha.


Yeah what happened to Steve? Either way I think that’s the cause of Claudia’s “behavior” at the end.

Continuum is fucking great so far. Yes it kinda falls into a BIT of a procedural cop show thing but without having a Villain of the week shtick. I love it so far.


(Steve got his fucking neck broken apparently, just judging by the “recap” at the beginning of the episode. Not sure if it was by Mr. Dead Zone or someone else though.)

Haven’t heard of this Continuum show at all, though given how little I watch TV, that’s not surprising.

Outside of Syfy, seriously the only sci-fi show I’m ever “aware” of is TNT’s Falling Skies and I have no desire to watch that at present.

What channel is Continuum on (for you)?


Yeah I’m curious why Steve isn’t back though. Did I miss something?

No clue what channel Continuum is on, I just download :S

As far as Falling Skies goes, if you like Walking Dead, I find it to be a similar concept. It’s enjoyable. I would nominate it for an Emmy but I’m enjoying it.

Should I just rename this thread to the Sci Fi tv thread?


(Sure go for it since I currently can’t change it with the settings I have right now.)

He apparently died [well] before the 24 hour thing, hence he was still dead when everything “reset” unlike Pete.


Damn. I kinda liked Steve. ALthough I’m happy HG Wells is back.


(Thanks for the name change.)

Yeah, I liked Steve too from what little I saw last season. Then again, I usually like the characters that (the) Ashmore(s) tend to play, not counting Smallville which I never watched.

Similarly, Helena is indeed oddly quite likeable. I was surprised to see her back. It’s nice to have the openly bisexual woman back as well, especially since the show basically acts like she and Myka are a couple, which is kinda amusing.

I guess that means that Syfy is like only channel with two bisexual women between Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl. Hell, it’s probably the channel to recognize bisexuality at all.