Scientists Have Discovered Booze That Won't Give You A Hangover

I don’t really get hangovers anyway, but I don’t drink excessively. This might be good news for some people, though.

God bless all of you Koreans. I can’t praise this enough. My life has been completely changed forever.

preventing hangovers is easy. just eat, stay hydrated, and get some water every now and then with the gallons of liquor or beer your drowning down at the club. or just man the fuck up.

fuck a hang over…give me alcohol thats spin proof…i dont get hangovers but i get the spins like a muthafucker.

these koreans are just making normal beer
they drink 1 and are drunk as fuck
but its not enough alcohol content to give you a hangover

It doesn’t give you a hangover but it definitely gives you cancer.

Bet it.

Real talk: Koreans have some fucking superpowers and can down soju like I’ve never seen. Getting out drank by a 5’0 80 pounds Korean girl in a soju-drinking contest is pathetic but that shit happens. I am pretty sure it is the same logic that Mexicans are immune to most disease, both their DNAs have become immune to the aftereffects.


A couple of problems with this. 1) Since when is a 20% alcohol content high? Most liquor is 80 proof which is 40% alcohol. 2) You want to oxygenate alcohol…uhh ok, alcohol burns. If the alcohol has it’s own oxygen supply you won’t be able to put it out once it starts burning. You’ll need a potassium bicarbonate fire extinguisher nearby to hopefully cancel out the chemical chain reaction. Granted a 20% alcohol content liquid probably won’t catch fire, but you oxygenate a higher proof alcohol and you’re asking for trouble.

On the upside, no hangover. I’m game. lol

yeah, I’m not one to get hangovers. I’ve been drinking for about 6 years now. Thanks to uncles and older cousins.

I’m mad about not being part of these tests.

So this is where Star Trek’s Synthahol will come from. Now all we need is for someone to start working on a holodeck.

people still get hangovers nowadays? I don’t drink that hard to ever get a hangover, that drink till you drop shit is played out imo.

“when you’re trying to fall asleep at night and combating the spins, you’ll appreciate it.”

Oh God yes, this is needed badly. Morning hangovers not so much an issue, got a good constitution and they’re usually gone in a few hours. Something about puking in my fucking bed isn’t appealing, though. Go Korea!

so THAT’S what the 02 in “02 ?” stands for! i think i’mma officially change brands.


I don’t get hangovers because I don’t drink much, but this is still pretty cool.

now they need to make a liquor that wont cause cirrhosis, or even that promotes healing of cirrhosis.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m a strong drinker or something, but for me it’s because I really just don’t drink much. If I go out , and if I drink at all, I drink maybe 2 or 3 drinks and that’s all. I’ve been super drunk once in my life, I still remember it. End of June in 2007, the day I got my AA and went to a friends bbq that night, normally I don’t drink a lot but for some reason that night I did. Next day sure enough I was hungover as fuck (headaches and throwing and all that). But that was the one and only time.

the key to not getting hangovers, or at least not as severe hangovers is to limit the sugar you take in. the only times i’ve gotten hungover recently is when i drink a lot of beer, soju or makgeoli (korean rice wine). when i’m out and just doing mad shots of tequila i usually wake up the next morning feeling (relatively) fine.

if you’re guzzling jack & cokes, screwdrivers and baybreezes (bitch) you’ll be way more twisted in the morning than if you were drinking whiskey on the rocks or vodka neat…or even gin & tonics.

I’d wondered when the first synthehol reference would come… thanks for not disappointing. :3