Scientists Say Air Pollution in China resembles a Nuclear Winter, Growth of Food Supply Threatened


Forgot to watch the whole report on ABC world news, introducing it afraid that “the air is also reaching the US!”

“Breathing it in left a Metallic taste in their mouth” was another key line.

A Buying Guide to Air-Pollution Masks
Wall Street Journal (blog)‎ - 4 hours ago


Exercise outside? In that climate? But the guy sue-ing purchased a treadmill for indoor use to be healthier and that made no difference for him.

The Cyberpunk future can’t come soon enough, so is it going to start in China, and what are the air quality technologies going to be, or will they exist at all? And that’s the reason for the big divide between over ground and below the smog line people.


I knew it was coming to this. We don’t even know the long term effects it will have on the children.


so their food supply is failing? maybe now we can pay them back in potatoes.


INB4 @fishjie tells us China is simply ahead of the curve and speeding up darwinism.

I mentioned it before but it seems worth saying again here. In 2010 I was in Hong Kong for 3 days and wondered why so many people wore surgical masks. And for a week after I back to the US, every time I sneezed my snot and boogers were jet black, I’m talking if I sneezed on black leather or a PS3 the mucus would blend in perfectly.

China has the most factories of any nation so obviously it will display the costly negative effects of speeding up industrialization without taking the proper precautionary measures first, but what about all the countless other nations that also prematurely jumpstarted modern industrialization transition? 99% of them don’t have nearly as much capital to take what few saftey measures China does, so if China is this bad already I can’t imagine how it must be in other places.


i’m glad to live on the other side of the planet. i hear even japan and western parts of the us are getting hit hard.

doesn’t the us have smog trouble? especially in cities like nyc etc?


Makes me happy that i’m living the middle of the pacific ocean far away from all the bullshit of the world.

Except for having 70 ping to west coast US and cost of living being sky high.


My city gets smog warnings in the summer usually. The company I work for is responsible lol

So can we trade china food in exchange for their rare earths?

Serves them right for tarting to take the cheap way to economic power


WTF are they making a Death Star? Or is it our precious cheap metal and plastic we get from Walmart?


They gotta compete with Gundams somehow.


i was in beijing for the 2008 olympics.
i was there again in 2011.

the difference was incredible. during my second visit, the sun resembled the moon, even during midday. it felt like you could look at it with no discomfort (i didn’t obviously).
the traffic was insane too.

in 2008 it was beautiful, pity it doesn’t look that way all the time. the chinese people suffer for this more than any shocked horrified westerners that’s for damned sure


china’s new anthem

this one’s for your Av


This makes me really sad, I hope china can fix this shit


It’s China, they won’t. They’ll still stay ahead of the U.S., but always behind Taiwan.



our trip to beijing >>>>> your shitty trip to taiwan


Because of cars, sure, but that’s a much smaller problem and is at least getting a little better as time goes on.

China is getting worse, despite complaints the past couple of years.


That SCMP South China Morning Post had a 4 free article limit, even when I clicked the same 2 twice?

Here’s a pass thru for this article even if its bootleg and repeating the copy paste at least once. A large Smog research machine is finally being made, largest in the world, but.

China to build ‘world’s largest’ smog chamber to solve pollution puzzle


Here’s a 2nd article, even if it takes much from the first one, without citing the greenhouse experiment in lab and in real world conditions, taking 2 months to grow something due to such low exposure to the sun:


If China solves smog, I give up on life


WTO corruption, where modern countries moved the industrial revolution over there to say it that way, China makes everything for everyone else-shit we don’t need half the time, really everyone is responsible, and everyone will see the effects, especially someone in the middle of an ocean based on a combination of things with man made screwed up weather patterns.

But yeah corruption in their own govt. pretending it was never a problem, I remember a lookin to a small city of black streams running through the town. Some guy’s house, or shack really where one main way to make money was picking whatever is worth something off of old phone pcbs stacked to his ceiling.

Coal power being the main one in the face of what else, nuclear?, is another major issue why. Besides the move from bikes only 20-25 years ago to so many cars, many of them not modern and smog kept in check, but old Ford’s or whatever company it was.


Somebody actually thinks the smog over there is because of cars?

In a country were most people ride bicycles and rickshaws?