SCII: Yunsung pointers for a newbie

I played SCII for the first time and I realized I quite suck, although apparently not as much as computer AI. Could someone give me a few starters for this guy, you know, stuff like a decent b/b other than qcf+AB into 4+k, difference b/w throws except for the looks, what he shouldn’t be doing, and who is he strong/weak against.

Throws: Use his G+A to ring out a wide area in front of you (I.E. their back is to edge) Both do same damage. His command throw is completely useless (same damage, same break, same break window, why is it there? Oh yeah, they hate Yunsung.):rolleyes:

Who’s he weak against? Everyone. Worst character in the game, save maybe Maxi if you’re generous. He doesn’t have any good safe or unpredictable lows, and he has the worst throw animation in the game. So, basically, turtle and punish him to win.

shrug If you wanna learn, more power to ya. But be warned, it’ll be hard.

Pick a new character.

But if you’re really serious, you’ll learn quickly that Yun sucks and has to work way too hard for the few wins he can get. Even Maxi is much better than him (worst Maxi does is 4/6 in any given matchup, so he only takes a little more work, he’s quite doable). Yun’s the only character who has worse matchups (he goes 2/8 against Yoshi, which is just murder).

Anyway, I’ll try to hand out the basics of Yun that I know and see if it helps you.

Yun actually has a really good assortment of B attacks. BB is natural combo on hit and does decent damage. You can also transfer to his retreating Land Walk stance by tapping back right after the BB, which allows you to create distance between you and your opponent pretty safely (creating space is very important for Yun, as he is a midrange character), as well as offering a little mixup potential. 2BB is also natural combo on hit, it’s very quick and good to just stick in there every once in a while. Then you have his BK string. You can cancel the K by hitting G, which will give you a decent mixup opportunity since the cancel is fairly fast; it’s one of his main mixups. He also has 33B, a decent uppercut that launches. Hold the B down to transfer to Yun’s Crane stance, which gives some decent juggle and mixup potential. If 33** hits, you can tack on a Crane A+B or a 9B for a good chunk of damage. If blocked, you have a couple of options. You can do Crane B to stop most quick high interrupts due to the fact that it tech crouches (it will also launch, which gives you an opportunity to get some wakeups in). If your opponent simply continues to block, you can use Crane B or K for a mid option (if Crane K connects, you can Just Frame hit K again to transfer to a throw that adds good damage) or do Crane 2KK for a low option that gives you a natural combo (tap forward after the second K to go back into Crane and continue to mixup if you wish).

Naturally, all this B reliance will leave you very vulnerable to sidestepping. This is one of Yun’s main weaknesses, as he has very little to contain step. His standard AA works OK, but it executes very slowly for an A attack. On counter hit, you can tack on a B after the AA for knockdown and good damage. If blocked, you can use KK after the AA to pressure a little and force your opponent into crouch. Another option is to tap back and go into Land Walk, similar to BB (the transfer is much slower, though). He also has his 4A, which sidesteps a little bit and hits steppers well (it’s high, though). From range, you can use 33AB. It’s high, but has great range and combos pretty well. You can also hold B to delay and make it a guard crush.

Yun’s low game is pretty weak due to the fact that almost all of his lows are unsafe and do little damage. Aside from his basic 2K, all of his lows leave him open, and the 2K does so little damage that there is almost no motivation to block it (his slow throw animation adds to the lack of fear for blocking low). You can use 11_77K for a decent low, but it still isn’t that great (it’ll knock down in close, though).

That’s all I feel like typing right now. I might come back later to answer any other questions that I can.

Yunsung has to work much harder than every other character. I know a really awesome Yunsung player and here’s what I learned from playing him.

His BB combo isn’t that great. Even if he hits you with it he is at the disadvantage making 2BB a better choice for the quick hit in most cases. Still with the BB combo, he can delay the second hit at will and late cancel it to either B or K. If canceled to B, you more often that not have to cancel to the stance and work from there or you’ll get hit before you can do anything else. If cancelled into the K, you can Guard cancel the K to do the fake into his mixups. The most important thing to remember about this setup is that the fake recovers with Yunsung in the while rising position so you can chain into his moves from this position.

A lot of his moves can be guard or sidestep cancelled. He also has several moves that can be charged to guard crush. 66KK can be sidestepped cancelled with either [2] or [8] after which you can still continue your attacks. His 44B move can be guard cancelled or charged. Know all his many moves that can be guard cancelled and the ones that guard crush since they will help your mind games big time.

From what I’ve seen, a good yunsung player needs to have solid 8-way run/sidestep game and good guard impact skills to back up a playing style that’s more mixup/mindgame oriented. If really want to play Yunsung you have to know everything about him and how to flow with him because he has no real cookie-cut playing style like say Nightmare. Yunsung takes the most skill to be good with so be patient or try another character till you get a good grip on the way the game plays.

Im so glad to hear someone say that.

Thank you very much. You guys wrote so much(assholes at Guardimpact only say “play someone else” and nothing else much)!! I’m gonna be hella playing this guy. I appreciate it BoF, JALbert, and luckyst.c(nice name :lol: )

Well, that’s rather silly. He’s by far the worst character, so that’s like saying Roll is good in MvC2 because it takes a lot of skill to be good with.

Raphael takes the most skill to win with.

Actually it’s true because he has no really good bread & butter playing style/traps. A lot of the other characters you can be very successful knowing only half their moves and relying on really simple set of tricks. This is why a lot of people who played Hwang in Soul Calibur hated Yunsung. A prime reason was that Hwang had the simple mixup of his 3AA, BB and Guard cancelled B. These 3 were quite deadly when mixed properly in SC. Yunsung doesn’t have Hwang’s 3AA and his BB is a lot worse that Hwang’s. This made this easy mixup trap absent. Yunsung does not work well if you try to scrap it out with a really simple set of attacks. You’re left to play a more midranged game and constantly keep your confused as to which way to guard right as well as try to throw off their parry timing with his fakes and charges. You can’t do this properly if your skills in 8-way movement and GIs are lacking in anyway nor if you have only a limited repertoire of moves. And, because he has no really exploitable B&B counterattacks, you also have to have indepth knowledge of your opponents attacks and know which of his moves can either punish of start a mixup when you either block or guard impact accordingly. This is why I say he takes the most skill to play properly. Raphael on the other hand can scrap a lot better than Yunsung up close and he’s loaded with better pokes and useful autoparries. I still say Yunsung is harder to play correctly.

Also your analogy is very limited. Any character has a fighting chance vs any other character because of the guard impact and ring out system of SC2. Some just have it easier than others. MvC2 awards you no such luxury. Even an expert roll player doing everything right will still get slaughtered by a generic player using most other characters. Yunsung can still win against anyone but it’s a lot harder not impossible. Major props to you for trying to buff him out despite the fact you know it’s more of an uphill battle Densetsu. I just started learning him myself and I’m really liking his style.

Well, Yunsung don’t win in a tournament enviornment. I know the tiers aren’t as bad as MvC2, but nonetheless, Raph is a viable character who takes a lot of skill and thought to use right. Yunsung, even with a lot of skill and thought, can lose to an okay player fairly easily. shrug

Anytime you want to pit your highly skilled Yunsung against my Talim, go right ahead. And GI/RO doesn’t give every char a huge advantage. Some characters have good post GI games, and good RO options. Others don’t. GI/RO isn’t a level platform for everyone.

You must have some problems reading because I said I just started using him. I do know someone who’s really good with him and he kicks way too much ass to ignore with Yunsung. Honestly, I’d quit SC2 if learning Yunsung correctly wasn’t of interest to me because the engine makes it a little too easy to survive with partial knowledge with almost every other character.

As for GI/RO options for characters while not a level platform for every character, the mere fact that they exist for every character in the game can turn the tables at almost any point in time. For example, you could be beating the crap out of me and I pull my only RO option winning the match. It wouldn’t matter whether I had that one option or 20 other RO options. The bottom line is that it can take just that one option to turn the tables.

If you only have one RO option, then keeping a lookout for that option is much easier, especially when you’re in a position to be ROed. Thus it’s much less effective.

Uhm… you must know that every character has way more than 1 way to RO an opponent. I said one because that is all you need to turn the match around from possible loss to victory. In any case, this thread was supposed to be about giving a Yunsung player tips and we should either get back to that or let the thread die.

it’s OK I don’t mind, I like learning about characters

I’ve been learning to play Yunsung a while now, and here’s what I’ve gathered…anyone who wants to elaborate on anything I say, by adding if it’s a decent tactic or not, feel free. BTW, console Yunsung is a lot better than arcade version; avoid him like the plague unless you’re on a console! :lol:

-It would appear that his only safe moves are the BB and the 44B. 44B seems pretty good, he gets distance, then pushes the enemy back. But I’m not sure if it’s good against humans (no competition, and too broke for arcades).

-By now, everyone here knows that his lows suck. 11K, 2K and 2BB (the first hit) are the only thing close to usable.

-4A+B has GI, and does good damage. 9B is good for closing the gap, but never use it in a juggle!

-8WR seems pretty good to me; he can do 33B to the Crane stance, or 22B. I was wondering, is the 33**, Crane A+B any good?

:lol: I am glad I ventured into this section of the forums.