Scion Street Fighter IV Tournament - Aug 2 - DC/MD/VA

355 Scion in Rockville, Maryland will again host our annual tournament, this year it’s SFIV, with a guaranteed grand prize of $1000. Others prizes will be announced.

There will again be free food and Red Bull, music and a reprise of last year’s very popular Scion Car Show!

Official tournament format is listed below. The game will be played on the Xbox 360 system and as always you are required to bring your own wired controller.

Entry fee is $10 per person before July 15th if you register online. Door price is $15, if space is still available. Tickets are limited and only required to participate in the tournament.

355 Scion
15625 Frederick Road
Rockville, MD 20855

10:00 - Sign In
12:00 - Tournament Begins

-Detailed schedule to include free food arrival and more will be announced closer to tournament date.

Remember to preregisterto save time and money (and possible rejection) at the door.

Street Fighter IV Tournament Format*

At the start of the tournament, players will be divided into pools of sixteen or more people. The size of each pool depends on the overall size of the tournament. Each pool will be run as a double elimination bracket. Each match will be best of three games set to two rounds. The top two players advance to the Semifinals.

Once all the pools have been run, the top two players from each pool will move on to a new double elimination bracket. A loss from your qualification pool carries over to the semifinals. One half the players will start out in the winners bracket. The other half will start out in the losers bracket. Each match will be best of three games set to two rounds. The top eight players in the Semifinals advance to the Finals.

Losses from the semifinals carry over to the Finals. Each match will be best of 5 games set to two rounds. The Grand Finals will be best of seven games set to two rounds.

Players will be placed in pools by region to the best of the administrators’ ability.

All characters are allowed.

Players will pick a character and play. After the first game, the loser may switch characters, the winner must keep the same character.

If players cannot agree on which side to play on, a coin-toss will determine who goes where.

Time limit will be set to 99 seconds for all matches.

Stage will be determined, in the first game, by the bottom seeded player if it comes in to question. The second game of a match, and subsequent games if applicable, the loser will determine the stage.

Anything a judge determines as cheating is prohibited and will result in a warning. If you are caught cheating twice, you will be expelled from the tournament. You know what cheating is, so don’t do it. If you don’t know, the judge will tell you when you get your warning or get expelled.

Holding up the tournament in any way is grounds for disqualification. You will have 2 minutes to get to your match after you are called. If you do not hear your name called that is your own fault. Make sure you are within earshot of the judge judging your pool (or the semifinals or finals).

No wireless controllers will be allowed anywhere in the tournament area. You may use plug and play but your batteries must be removed. If you are caught with batteries in your controller at any time during the tournament, you will be disqualified.

*Subject to change.

Announcements, so far…

For updates before, during and after the tournament, follow us on Twitter.

This looks interesting.

Should it get stickied?

sounds good

Bumping this for advertising purposes (if that’s a good idea :lol: ). Gonna sign up today I think.

While googling street fighter 4 action in maryland I came across this tourney on a gamefaqs board lol. Looks like online registration has ended but I’m going to try and get there ass early from Annapolis. Good way to dive in after only picking up the game 3 days ago. I’ll be newbing up some dictator. I really hope there’s no idiot commentator who names all the attacks he sees on the screen.

Yeah there’s just so many SFIV tourneys going on that even a big payout event like this can go under the radar. I know the guy who’s running the tourney so I’m going to call him today. Heh…I don’t think there’s going to be any commentating since this isn’t a major community event.

This looks like a legit tournament…!

hunches over and does hand warming motion


The earlybird online registration is over but you can now register online. Thanks for your interest.

Is the door price $15 or $20? I thought I saw on your website that the door price is $20.

Edit: Never mind, I see that it is $15 everywhere now. :slight_smile:

GG’s to everyone that came out to Scion. 52 people was a pretty decent turnout considering only about 15 pre regged online. Mad people ended up deciding to come out during the last week. Results were not surprisingly 1st. Arturo Sanchez, 2nd. Steve Harrison, 3rd. Eric Kim. Steve did pretty well in the finals despite not really using all of SFIV’s tactics when he had opportunity. Special props to Wildcard Ken/Batman for putting mad MD/VA peepz in losers. LOL. I personally had to leave early after losing in winners for…personal reasons.

Even if you went 2 and out it was still mad good times. Free pizza by the bucket load and Red Bull cola out the ass. What I liked the most personally were all the new faces who were surpsingly good at the game. Hope to see them come out to a C3 sometime soon.

Special thanks to PJ, Damon and Chasity for making this all happen and bringing serious SF tournaments to my backyard. :cool: