Scissorman's new art UPDATED WITH SF4 NECRO

I want more critique on my pieces. Here are a couple of new ones.

Here’s my newest deviant ID on Deviant art.

And here’s something for an art project for school.

Critique, comments and paint-overs are welcome!

yo scissorman!

1st pic:
he’s an interesting character. I like how you threw the little bird in there. i’m unclear as to what that tech piece on his rear shoulder is. maybe bring it forward to his opposite arm to show us what you’re thinking? Watch out for the anatomy…particularly in his upper arm. consider cropping it differently. either to a shoulders-up or show it till the rest of his arms. when it’s inbetween you get the feeling of either seeing too much, or not enough. the arm detail right now is so dominant and my brain is telling me that i want to see the rest of it.

2nd pic:
cool! extend the drawing so we can see the feet? establishing what they are standing on will help with what’s goin on. cuz right now, though i can tell he’s punchin the snot out of the boulder, he looks like he’s standing on clouds.

great work! keep em comin.

He’s in water. The machinery is a tube coming out of his shoulder.

And thanks for the crit, it really helps!

Here’s a new piece of fanart.

Very memorable style I must say

Thanks a bunch!

the lighting on the big guy is great, but the lighting on the little guy to the left seems off. it seems like he’s not affected by the same light source that’s hitting the big guy. other than that i think it looks great:tup:

I don’t like your coloring bro. Are you using the burn and dodge? Everything looks so soft, i’m not feeling it.
What are your steps?

Thanks Poot! It helps!

Rabid Wombat – Well, first off, I’m new to digital painting, and I’m better at coloring lineart.
But here are the steps. Scan in pencil drawing, make it smooth with the smudge tool, adjusting the levels, using a little burn and dodge. For coloring these, I know I should find out a better method, but I make a new layer above, set it to multiply and color. Do you have any suggestions?

Plus, I just have a soft style as opposed to more crisp paintings.

yes i do
i will teach you grasshopper.
after you scan in a drawing you can use multiply to color it. no smudge of burn or dodge…just use multiply or separate the line art ( i can tell you `how if you want) and color underneath it and you’ll get the sketch and color like these! (guile not drawn by me, but i was messing around with colors) all the rest are right out of my sketch book or scraps of paper.

Yeah, I know how to separate lineart. I think I know how to color lineart quite well, it’s monochromatic digital paintings that I have a little trouble with.

Take a look at my online gallery if you want.

I’m no great colourist, but some good advice I was given was to lay off the burn and dodge tools. Burn tool just adds black, and Dodge tool just adds white – but if you do that your colours all tend to looks very washed out and flat. Instead, choose your colours manually. Sure it’ll take some trial and error at first but your images will look all the better for it once you get over the hump.

Shadows tend to have a blue/purple tinge to them. Light is seldom pure white, and so the colour of the light will impact the colour of your subject. The colour of things that are further away tend to be less saturated.

Another suggestion would be to not have all your highlights “pop” to the same level. That way you can choose to emphasize certain areas. Also, keep in mind that intense highlights should leave equally intense shadows.

I don’t use burn and dodge on the coloring, I use it on the monochromatic digital painting underneath.

And thanks, everything helps!

I used to use the dodge and burn tool alot more, but I rarely use it on my coloring anymore.

^ so… does that mean you use flat colours (on a layer with a blending mode) with shaded b/w artwork below them?

I tried something like that before, but in the end I found the flat colours too limiting. It does have the benefit of letting you focus on the modelling and worry about the colours later, though :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Akiman did something like that (I think Kandoken first posted an anim gif that showed it). Except Akiman started with lineart and kept adding low opacity colours… and then more layers of colours, refining as he went along (I assume he merged layers at multiple points).

Here’s an Akiman pic done in that style:

Yeah, that’s what I do.

I’ll try out some other methods too.

No need to change your style and follow everyone else, I think the style looks nice and unique. Try and perfect it. Really like the 2nd pic. Looks even better on my shitty too-high contrast monitor. How ironic :S

Thanks, I’ll try my best in the next following years before I graduate from high school.

Of course I definitely need to improve on anatomy and faces more.

Here’s an Sf4 styled Necro.

Soft shading is fine man, but you gotta have some crispness somewhere. Crispness pop while fuzziness recedes. It’s not a big deal when coloring line arts but w/o the lines, you gotta really control your edges. One thing I would suggest is to mass your darks more. Like how you did it on the red guy here

See how his left arm totally recedes into the background? that’s what you want.

Nice necro! I think I would like it a lot better without the thick heavy black lines though.

Thanks for the critique! This is helping alot!

Glad you like the Necro, I was just trying to imitate the style of the new sf4 artwork, which has really thick black outlines.