Score Attack = experts only?

is it just me or is the difficulty on score attack way too high?

There has to be some 1 player content that is more difficult. If it was all really easy then it would be super boring.

i concur. i would rather play a score attack that was really hard, than an easy one over and over again.

but they could at least give you continues, how is one suposed to beat it if you have to start from the beginning after one loss. thats just unfair

more like score attack = Nu only? :stuck_out_tongue:

im just going to say how i think it should have been done, adjustable difficulty with win scores prepotionate to the difficulty, that way players who dont like higher challenges can beat it, but the ones who do can get the higher scores without feeling like they were trumped by a lower level player

If there were continues, people would lose on purpose of they didn’t do everything perfectly and try again.

one more thing, have it cut your score in half every continue to prevent intentional losses

If you don’t want to get good at the game, then you should be satisfied with not being able to beat it.

sorry, i was angry when i said that. even deleted it. this mode just really has me pulling my hair out is all

really want to apollogies for some of the stuff ive said here. im just too easily frustraited i guess

…press start on player 2 controller before you die…

and good luck against unlimited ragna LOL

but i do enjoy my 100% blazblue trophy status

if only i can do the hard trials for sf4…

Score Attack is more like a survival mode, akin to Bloody Palace from Devil May cry 3 and 4

I made it up to Unlimited Rachel with Hakumen, I couldn’t beat her, but with enough practice I’ll get there

i disagree. the survival mode in GGX was totally beatable and i played that alot more than the survival mode in later GG games

i beat U.Ragna by Nu-ing it up, and I’m not touching score attack ever again

I beat Score Attack, and it didn’t give me the trophies for beating U.Ragna and for beating Score Attack.

So screw it, I’m not putting myself thru that again.

I am only average at best compared so I am still trying to get past the second character on score attack with Tager…

I hate score attack. U. Ragna is too insane to play against without resorting to spam. When I fought him I was surprised at his high ass health. I was doubting Bang’s attack power for a moment but then when I think I got him on the ropes, he does CARNAGE SCISSORS. The damage on his supers are insane and then I look at his health bar and it’s like I had to fight the damn round over again. Then that grab super is almost an instant kill if it connects and it basically returns all his health.

I’m contemplating on doing it over with Nu but somehow it feels like a short cut if I don’t get my man Bang to do it.

Jin, Ice Carz and Throws will kill all of them.

Not a legit way but it’s like Zangief and Time/Survival Mode.