[Score Attack Mode] Unlimited Ragna Steps into Traffic - Easy How To

I made this quick, and easy, demonstration vid on how to beat the last, and hardest, fight of Score Attack Mode: Unlimited Ragna. For achievement hunters mostly. It abuses the really predictable AI and Ice Carz Spamz. Have fun, and let me know how you do.


Freeze/or knockdown(Ice Carz), whichever > [dash > Throw Counter on recovery > wait until he falls almost level while frozen > Ice Carz >… ]

Lol, dude, I suck hard at score attack mode.
I get beat every time by unlimited Rachel or Tager (PERFECTLY timed backdash 720’s make me RAGEEEEEE!)
Score Attack is not for the faint of heart

Or you can Ice Car counter, throw, dash, throw, dash, throw, dash, throw, repeat, repeat, repeat. He will only tech it once a round.

Oh sweet. I haven’t had time to test it yet, but does this work with the rest of the AI? I’ve made it to Ragna using Hakumen and the 2-Player trick, but was unable to beat him. But if I can just go through score attack with Ice Car and throwing…It’d be easier on my brain.

You can IceCar spam most of the lower cast till you get to Rachel. Rachel you have to corner quick, and pray she doesn’t get out George. Haku isn’t a problem. Nu can be annoying, but spamable. Ragna can be thrown, again and again and again. The computer botched the break input and inputs it multiple times (giving him the throw command penalty thing which I can never remember, which is funny).

I try that method every time I go into SA mode. ._.;
I always fuck up somehow when he techs the throw.

After you get the first throw reject miss out, time your ice car so that you land before he safe falls the 2nd hit, then dash/run forward into his sprite and mash dat B+C.

You can also plug in a 2nd controller and hit start whenever you think you’re going to lose to restart that characters round. Unfortunately for me my only other one broke. Have to use a guitar hero controller.

Unlimited Rag is the easier one in the score attack mode, you can double perfect him if you want, and your way is to complicated and not safe

care to share that with the rest of us?

round start:
5c>6c>2d dash when he hit ground 2b>5b(1hit)>5c>6c>2d when close to corner replace 2d for 6d repeat until he dies

to double perfect V-13

round start:
5c>6c>2d dash, she hit ground 2b>5b>5c>5d dash repeat until you reach 75-80% heat 2b>5b>5c>5d dash>back throw> Hiyoku Getsumei

edit 2:
that combo also work with all the cast except Bang, Tagger, Hakumen, Carl and Jin

You way depends heavily on how he opens the round. He doesn’t always charge after you, and will punished, badly, a wiffed opening, as I just tried, and tried. Throwing the hell out of him is incredibly easy. It has worked every time I’ve used it against him.

Then my copy is broken cause he eat 5c every time. I don’t use that combo anymore cause is way to boring so is just fight him normally and he still to easy, now Unlimited Rachel is another story, it all depends if i can hit her before she bring GeorgeXIII out

I don’t see how exploiting the AI and throwing him to death is complicated, but whatever works for you, Majin.