Scoreboard records changing on PSN


Anyone else have this problem? Last night my scoreboard was around 300 wins, 120 losses, ranked in the 600’s somewhere. Today my score somehow changed to 210 wins, 152 losses, rank 19731 and rating is 0. I don’t really care about scores and ranks that much but it kinda sucks, I had a somewhat decent record going and was having fun with scoreboard matches, did this happen to anyone else?


Wow, sucks to hear about that, but Im impressed to hear theres 20k+ people playing ranked matches on PS3.


Whoa that really odd. Maybe the new PSN Update did that? Seems improbable, but can’t think of any other way for that to happen.


It’s weird I thought it might be the PSN update too but I got in a few games last night after installing it and was fine so as far as I can tell it happened some time today. I tried playing a few games to see what would happen and wins and losses got added on but my rating stayed at 0.

I am starting to think this is widespread since my rank dropped some more - I was around 20,500 last I checked and I looked at some of the other people around my rank and they seem to have the same problem (one guy has 400 wins, 100 losses, rating 0 ranked in the 20,000’s) so I think it is happening to more and more people (or my rank wouldn’t have gone down 1000 places from 19,731 in the span of like an hour).

Either way I guess I’m stuck, thanks for the replies guys, maybe I should have posted this in the bugs thread (I just noticed it), I’ve ran into quite a few problems playing this online.


That’s what happened too, had an account that was in the 30s…then lost all the points on it. Win loss records are still there, but it looks bad…


What’s funny is I think I may have played you last night (your name looks really familiar) my PSN account is m4szyman


I’ve noticed it doesnt update until you quit the game entirely. Pisses me off.


i was ranked 8th and climbing when it set my rating to 0 and jacked up my losses

i havent played it since before thanksgiving because of how buggy it is and i wish i didnt spend the money on it


i dunno it took me forever to move from ranked 270 something to 250ish

does anyone’s game freeze when they check their friend’s rankings?


Are you sure you’re not just looking at weekly rankings, and not all time?


it should be fixed now


Way to revive a 4 year old thread genius.


He’s doing it on purpose to be retarded.