Scored: HRAP EX

I was wandering through our local flea market and stopped by the video game store only to find a like new hrap sitting there. I asked the guy to see it and it had a $99 tag on it. I then proceeded to purchase the stick, as I was wlking out with my purchase I heard another guy say he paid $199 for that and the guy who sold it tome me said no $99. I listened as he was getting his face ripped off for selling the stick because it was definitely priced wrong. I am know trying to decide wether I should throw iit on ebay as I am building a T5 w/jlf and seimitsu and an agetc case both with wireless 360 pads in them. For people who have this stick is iot a keeper or should I keep going with my other 2 mods??

Unless you mod the buttons I’d sell it.

I’d buy it for $150.

Why would he have to do that? I thought the HRAP comes with all Sanwa parts? Anyway, that’s a good steal man.

Edit: Nope, I was wrong about that. Hori buttons. Still a good price though, nice one.

It really depends on what you need or want more. The stick or the money.

I have one modded and its awesome, but I know people who love their stock ones just as much.

nice id throw it on ebay… its 2 big for my taste