Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game now with online co-op


I searched but couldn’t find an official Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game topic. This is easily the best side-scrolling beat’em up ever made. Those old school beat-em ups were fun when we were kids (Streets of Rage 2, TMNT, Double Dragon etc.) but lets be honest they really didn’t have much depth. I love that you could actually do combos in this game. Anyone else excited about this?


Depth? This game has no depth. Once you play the first stage 100 times, lvl up, and max your stats, the game is free. What was so good about the older games you mentioned is that they required a sense of skill in order to play and beat. You had to play smart and attack properly if you didn’t wanna lose all your lives, and start from the begining. If I lose all my lives in SP:TG, I can just start the level over again with boosted stats from doing it the first time. I get a parry, a block, a roll, a double jump, air tech, a stupid good weapon attack, an assist, a projectile (Kim, Knives, Ramona, Negascott) and a stomp that can repeated in the air.

The animation is great, the music is good, and the presentation is awesome. The game is a mess though.


there’s co-op? maybe now i can finally beat the damn vegan.


I liked this, Unliked it and then liked it again. I repeated this process several times because OMG the truth in this statement is SO FUCKING TRUTHFUL it makes my soul scream.


Wait, online co-op?

Also, the game gets decently challenging at higher difficulty levels.


This game is the spiritual successor to River City Ransom. And to level up quickly, screw the first level. Go to the club stage.


Yeah the club did okay, but I feel I had more success out of stage 1 or 5

although club 300 gave you hella Dimes


I’m glad, no online co-op was the most disappointing aspect of the game IMO.


Bought streets of rage 2 cuz of nostalgic reasons and the gameplay was just so dated you got your attack and special attack thats it. I regretted the purchase it wasn’t nearly as much fun as playing scott pilgrim. I like that you have a wide array of attacks to choose from and I like leveling up my character naturally (I didn’t boost my stats by playing the 1st stage a bunch of times). I think thats one of the best parts of the game. Not to mention 4 player co-op is a blast. Sorry that you didn’t enjoy it but I for one can’t wait to try this online with the new character.


Holding out for a Super Mario Brothers 3 online patch.


I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy it; I just said it was a nostalgic mess and the depth and difficulty go out the window once you’re maxed out.

SOR2 had a flurry attack, a back attack, a knockdown attack, three jump attacks, two special moves, 4-5 different grab moves, a blitz attack, and the ability to throw weapons. As a skilled player, you make do with your character’s somewhat limited moveset to fend against a horde of challenging enemies. You don’t need a block, parry, air tech, assist and a roll dodge; it’s not a fighting game. How do you take damage with all of that?

Leveling up wasn’t bad. The problem was you had to level up just to get essential beatemup moves. The enemy is blocking at Stage 1 and you didn’t get a throw until you reach lvl.6. There’s no way to boost specific stats in this game without having to backtrack over to Shopping District or a previous level. You didn’t level up in time to fight the challenging bosses/enemies and you couldn’t boost your stats without getting a lot of money through subspace and replaying old stages.

The developers took a bunch of concepts from old beatemups and fighters, then slapped them together for fun without realizing their purpose. That said, it was still a fun game. I just don’t agree that the game has more depth than SOR2 or TMNT. Having a lot of moves doesn’t make the game deeper, especially when I can spam one good move and the AI can’t do shit.

Wallace better not be a headswap of Scott or Stills.


Scott Pilgrim just makes me want a RCR sequel.

Speaking of which, there’s supposed to be one coming, but I haven’t heard much about for some time.


The Kunio-Kun IP is a mess in japan there is Million that claims the rights and there is another company that claims to have rights to it. Also both companies have members of the original team too. Sorta like if Crafts and Meister & Arika was fighting for the Street Fighter license if Capcom went bankrupt.


I think there is a river city ransom remake or something on the 3ds in Japan.


Is it wrong if picturing this scenario in my head made me smile…a lot?


I guess I’m the only one who thinks it’s a great game. It’s not exactly the next SOR2 but it has everything I want in a beat’emup; catchy music, easy on the eyes art, and most importantly combat that stays fun despite being repetitive.


Well you have ST, Alpha Series pre-Naomi, CvS2, and Vsav(Crafts and Meister) vs. Hyper Fighting, Street Fighter EX series, and Fighting Layer(Arika). Don’t forget their joint work on Super Dragon Ball Z.


Streets of Rage 3 was hands down the hardest beat 'em up I’ve ever played.


Streets of rage 2 isnt hard at all also has little depth

Also axl > everyone else

It’s cool they ar updating this game is fun. Also why power level when you can coin swap level???


I’ll always love SoR2 over 3.

Santa Claus. :lol: