Scott Pilgrim Vs the World


This game looks so fucking sick. It’s like the River City Ransom sequel we never got but was more then deserved. Game has 4 player co-op, supposed to have multiple playable characters to unlock, and all the sprite work is being done by Paul Robertson the guy who made that Pirate Baby’s Cabana Street Fight video. Game looks awesome. I’m gonna have to check out the comic now to I hear lots of really good things about it.

I did a search to see if there was a topic for this yet but it didn’t find anything, so if there is a topic on this sorry, I tried.

I lol-ed.

I’ve never seen any Scott Pilgrim stuff besides the trailer for the movie, so I’m not really familiar with the series, other than the basic premise.

That said, this game looks like the shit.

The books are really great, look in the comic section, there’s a thread on Scott Pilgrim.

I got mediafire links…

Yo FUCK Michael Cera.

Read the comic, good shit.
Seeing this video made me jizz myself, no doubt am I getting the game.

Looks like the artists of the game is finally working on a game (seeing as how his previous stuff, he would make 16-bit drawing/movies that looked like badass games, but we’re never actually games). Scott Pilgrim based game of all things, lol ;p

Is this still only on the PSN? If it drops on XBLA I will get this shit day one.

Really looking forward to this and the movie. The game will be on XBLA some time after the PSN release.

Small clip from the movie:

The game is gonna be nice. The only thing I’m not quite feeling is no online play as of now. Maybe the XBLA version being delayed will have it but who knows. Also I heard that you can play as other characters other than Sex Bob-Omb and Ramona. I’d probably rock Knives or Todd if they were playable. But we’ll see how this plays out.



You won’t regret it.

Are those sprites from paul robertson?

He did this and the style looks very similar. If only they made a game of Kings of Power.

It says right in my opening post the sprites are done by Paul Robertson…

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

All you need.

I really enjoyed the books so I can’t wait for this game. Using Steven Stills without a doubt.

day one purchase for sure.

game looks bad ass. Will buy the day it comes out for sure.

Looks sick, definitely a buy.

rockin Kim all the way, also Wallace if he’s playable lol

Speaking of the move, if you watch the trailer, the scene when Scott knocks the other guy out with a counter-punch, the announcer that says “KO!!” is the same announcer voice from Street Fighter Alpha 3. (at least it sure as hell sounds A LOT like it)

Because of that fact alone, I MUST SEE THIS MOVIE.

movie looks sick! Game looks meh