Scottish Ranking Battles - Glasgow

Hi Folks,

It’s just dawned on me that I have never posted up details of the Scottish Ranking Battles that have been happening for the past 5 months on SRK.

My over reliance on UK fighters finding Neo Empire is my weakness!


We have been having some the Scottish SF4 ranking battles in a shop called esc-games [ ] where we are trying to find the best players in Scotland so we can send them off to fight against the auld enemy (the English) down at a Neo Empire event called Super Versus Battle.

If anyone is interested in attending then have a look at for an idea on the competition and then head down to the shop which is on 166 Hope street in Glasgow, we ALWAYS have fighters on the big screens.

Hope to see some of you there for the next one which is on the 12th of July, more details can be found here;

I’ll be joining the Scottish scene soon

EDIT- No Seth? PS3? Booooooo

We removed the Seth limitation after the first month, 95% of all Scottish players have a 360 so it makes sense to stick to that format.

Hallo, thought it said ps3 was format for esc tourny in the rules? I got no xbox stick :frowning:

We have a load of sticks, about 8-10 so playing stick or pad isn’t a problem.

I’ve never been to an arcade in my whole life, I’m through in Edinburgh and still scrubby at SFIV but wanting to practise, very tempted to pay you guys a visit…I’d just get owned over and over again though :frowning:

Though you other Scottish folks might like to know we now have 2 x SF4 arcade machine in the gaming centre now … as wekk as a Twin initial D and a Guilty Gear cabinet … good times!