Scouting Report - Rolento Video Thread



We don’t have one so I guess I’ll make one. Hopefully most videos will be post patch.

Here is a console set from Black Eye with NEMO still rocking Rolento
(part 1, rest should be linked off main video)


more nemo


30 minutes of Nemo getting dunked on >.< that match-up is painful.


just playing a friend, this matchup is annoying


More of Nemo, vs Koichi’s Sakura this time:

Basicaly everytime RoLAMEto gets cornered, he’s done.


Infiltration on Rolento and a dude named SnYang.

VOD from Spirit Zero Cup


Thanks for the link K4 and everyone else. Rolento def has problems once cornered. The only solution i have found is to either try and use your 3 frame to get some space made or react to a jump with cr.h to switch sides. Its def tough.


Just wanted to post a couple videos of this guy: RAID ZaMuL. I actually like the style of his play.


Beast Nemo


I got a rage message for this one, lol. Any advice other than finishing my combos? I dropped a few.


I’d say you should use st.MP, cause that Balrog had a certain spacing he preferred to jump in at you. If not st.MP, nj.LP, just to define who owns the skies.


I agree with jalapNo on more anti-air. Also, don’t be afraid to occasionally use your Air Raid within your footsie game. Let him get his behind poked.

Also, more videos:

Some Nemo vs Fuudo

Some more RAID Zamul

And a nice compilation




Some nemo matches from Topanga cup.


It was funny, some guy in passing in my area made the comment: “You shouldn’t pogo. The Japanese said that pogo is for scrubs.”

I wonder where he got that info, because from what I can tell, Nemo used quite a bit of pogo.


A lot of people just like to jab or something small when they see pogo, but if it lands you get a full combo. Abuse whatever till they give you a reason not to. It’s why I spam roll and do, even if I miss, because people try to mash out and often I still get a combo (attempt).


I doubt the Japanese ever said that. Pogo isn’t the best tactic but it’s relatively high reward, with the amount of risk proportionate to the situation.

It’s interesting how diverse Rolento players are. Nemo prefers to play a patient style with stinger while players like Daidou like to to be super aggressive with moves like Mekong Delta Air Raid.


Here’s a pretty awesome video of Infiltration owning it with Rolento. I love the way he just totally controls space with Rolento. He also combos into U2 in the second or third match.

Also, I’m new here and I don’t know how to post the video so that it appears in the message window like you guys did. Anyone want to teach me?

Ricky vs Bonchan. He had a few good moments.


I watched that live, and I was pretty disappointed in the games. I know they are both good players, but damn, it wasn’t my favorite showing of Rolento (quite a few mistakes made on Ricky’s side).