SCR - Special 5on5 Norcal vs. Socal Battle

What’s up good people! Jtrgmr and I have been talking for awhile on plans to make this happen! A California regional battle, Norcal vs. Socal! 5 of the best players from each part of the state to duke it out at Socal Regional’s, November 5-7.

We’re asking for $25 from each player for their chance to double up their money! That is only a minimum, so if someone on the team wants to throw more on the line, then we’ll try to get someone on the opposing team to match it…

We will try to hold this on Saturday after we get through pools.

Team NorCal
#1: KBeast
#2: MagnomanX
#3: GCYoshi13
#4: Phampy
#5: Honor Roll

Team SoCal
#1: RoyalFlush
#2: ll.nd
#3: Truegamer
#4: Tronzilla
#5: BigDaddyChris

The Battle will consist of 2 out of 3 games for each match, and the first team with Two Team Victories will win all the marbles!

The format will be similar to the ACHO style. For anyone not familiar with the style, here’s how it will go…
Everyone is going to play at least 1 match in this battle. Player #1 from team NC will fight player #1 from team SC, then player #2 from NC will fight #2 from SC, then #3 vs. #3 and so forth. The outcomes will be either a team had 3 wins, 4 wins, or swept the opposing team. This is a matter of elimination, so if a team was NOT swept, the surviving players from each team will fight again in their respective orders until a whole team is completely eliminated, therefore leading the other team into a Team Victory.

The players from NorCal will be labeled as A B C D E here
While the players from SoCal will be labeled as 1 2 3 4 5 for this example

First set: Team NC has A and B win, while SC has 3, 4, and 5 win
so the next matches are…
A vs. 3 (norcal wins)
B vs. 4 (socal wins)
A vs. 5 (norcal wins)
and the last match that will determine the team victory will be player A vs. player 4 then we start over with a 2nd set…

Team orders for the players will be double-blinded, written on a piece of paper, along with their chosen characters. Players may NOT choose different characters from what they have written down for their first match, however they ARE allowed to change characters if they lose a game. Teams may choose to change their orders/characters between sets…

So there you have it! It’s time to start training so we can see who will have the bragging rights!

Oh, and yes…and there’s something else on the line…!

Still More to Come

Nice, whose up for Norcal’s 5? I guess I might be able to sidebet on this

Im training hard to hopefully be apart of it.

Oh by the way socal, I think that for the 5 reppin our side, representation should go something like this: There are 3 obvious in my opinion: Flush and Phamphy, and Carlos (ll.nd) slightly under that. The remaining 2 spots should be given through a tourney w/ the top 5 playing long sets (3/5) or round robin

I might go NorCal if they’re underrepresented lol

I think SoCal’s 5 players should be: RoyalFlush, ll.nd, Rotanibor, Truegamer, Tronzilla666

Though, we can play sets for some of these spots, though. I am definitely a lock-in though.

Yeah I don’t think Norcal is going to have 5 if Phampy doesn’t go with them. lol

As Kbeast said, its still in process. Kbeast is working on the NorCal team from his side, and I’m sure he’ll have a strong team to take on SoCal.

I’m trying to work it out with the guys running SoCal Regionals to see if this might end up as an event, or it’ll just be between the TvC community. On top of that, we’ll discuss team SoCal details @ WNF, so come if you can.

Phampy, its your choice to choose teams, as you live in both areas.

I want to fight it out for a SoCal spot. But RFlush, I think its generally agreed you’re on the team. I don’t think anyone from SoCal is going to contest your team spot.

I’ll go norcal as a ringer lol, I was born in Fresno does that count? lol

please record this tourney

haha, sorry man, you currently live in SoCal, no dice. Unless you plan on driving up to NorCal JUST to qualify…

Ya’ll better add Team Midwest in this battle! I think we’ll have at least 5 at that event.

Team Midwest

Donkey Kong bitches!

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Hopefully Midwest can get 5 people

I’ll sub in for midwest. lol

I just like playing :slight_smile:

Im training so I can hopefully help rep norcal = )

I think I should be on team SoCal, seeing as how Truegamer lives in Vegas now and apparently hasn’t really played much since Evo, but that’s just me!

It sounds like a lot of SoCal people actually want to play for the three open spots. ll.nd and I aside, we can run a tournaments to see who can fill in for those remaining spots. I’d suggest a round robin format and the three players with the most points qualify.

That seems fair to me!

No not really Ed, it is just John who wants to have a tournament to see who gets in. Rotan and I agree Rayzr should be fifth and the rest being you, ll.nd, Rotan and Me

lol run a tourney.