''Scrapped'' TMNT movie script leaked


[*]The script includes a character named Colonel Schrader, the head of a secret military operation run by an army nicknamed “The Foot”.

[*]Casey Jones and April O’Neil are now dating and in high-school. The two have reached a crossroads, as Casey is an unambitious slacker, while April is becoming an intern for CBS. Casey is also described as being the protagonist of the film – not the turtles.

[*]The Turtles crack a variety of “updated” pop-culture jokes, making references to Kermit the Frog, cellphones, and the Kung Fu Panda movies.

[*]Casey and the Turtles eventually travel to Dimension X, where the four reptilian warriors discover they are members of a Turtle-like extraterrestrial race (and not mutants, as they previously believed).


Michael Bay’s response



Why don’t they just make a movie based on the current comics? The comics do everything right…the movies keep getting these idiots with egos trying to tell THEIR vision, or idiots who cave to whining soccer-moms.


It is too bad people keep watching his movies and he keeping ruining franchises by making unnecessary changes.


Good riddance.


I though they decided against the whole alien thing a month or two ago?


Let me reiterate my extreme euphoria that this movie is not being made. I’m fine with taking some liberties when translating a property from one media format to another (it’s inevitable) and as a writer I can even appreciate that when its done well.

…this is not done well. There’s not enough facepalm gifs to describe how I felt reading that.


What about a laughing Micheal Jordan gif?


Despite what Michael Bay said, I think that they were seriously going to use this script. Think about it, when Bay blabbed about the Turtles being aliens, the overwhelming negative reactions caused them to realize how badly they were fucking up. Director Jonathan Liebesman soon stepped in to calm the fans down by saying that the alien stuff is false and that Bay was simply misinformed about the film’s script. He also jokingly added that the Turtles were technically aliens, due to the ooze responsible for their mutation being of extraterrestrial origin. However, despite disproving the alien stuff, the damage had been done and the skepticism levels were so high that fans were still raging about the Turtles being aliens.

Now we know that Michael Bay wasn’t “misinformed” like Liebesman said, the leaked script just proves that the alien bullshit was true all along. With the cat out of the bag and the movie being delayed, they’re going back to the drawing board before they have another Dragonball Evolution on their hands. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s DBE in a nutshell…

As soon as they said Goku was going to be in high school, all faith in the movie went down the shitter.


I bet some of y’all paid to watch Transformers in theaters too. Fuck Michael Bay, for real. I will never watch his movies.

He can’t ruin my childhood memories because I will never see his shitty movies.


Scientologists aren’t as fucked as that script.

Get Bay into Scientology.

Get his head screwed on straight.

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I was born in 1983. I have a lot of awesome Turtles memories, including getting subterranean sewer hockey, seeing the trilogy of films in theaters, collecting the figures, and seeing the arcade game for the first time at the local bowling alley.

I am not a nostalgic man. TMNT was the best Ninja Turtles movie. This will likely always be so.


I cannot tell a lie, I LOL’ed!


[details=Spoiler]Here’s a recollection of my life as a Turtle fan.

I’ll never forget the first time I heard of them. It was 1987, and I was six-years-old the day my mom took me to the local Walmart. While browsing the toy section, nothing could prepare for what I saw sitting on the shelf…

WHOA, WHOA, BACK THE FUCK UP!! Teenage Mutant Ninja TURTLES?! Heroes in a Half-Shell?! Michaelangelo?!! What is this thing and why do I have a sudden unshakable desire to acquire this awesome-looking toy?! It must have been my lucky day because mom bought that toy for me and, for a while, I was the envy of every kid on my street, who also had never heard of these “teenaged turtles!” Shortly after, I saw the first TMNT VHS in a video rental store and I found out exactly what a Ninja Turtle is!

Ever since, I’ve been a huge Turtles fan and I was into just about everything Turtles-related (except the original Mirage Studios comics, which I never knew existed). The cartoon was like crack to me, despite the noticeable drop in the number of fight scenes and the sudden appearance of a grappling hook in place of Mikey’s nunchucks. The first movie is one of my favorite childhood movies of all time and I still watch it to this very day. The games were definitely a treat because it meant being able to take control of your favorite Turtle AND play with your friends. Last, but not least, the awesome TMNT comics by Archie, which were an alternate reality/expanded universe of the cartoon series!.

As time went by, I noticed that I began to outgrow the Turtles. In fact, Turtles in Time for the SNES was my last, greatest TMNT experience in the '90s. I didn’t even watch much of the “red sky” era of the cartoon in 1995. Speaking of which, did they give Mikey his nunchucks back by then? I also remember trying to give Next Mutation a chance and shaking my head over how badly the Turtles were being fucked up. Funny thing is, Saban cancelled the series because it was outdoing their flagship series, Power Rangers, which was in the Turbo era. I guess that proves how God-awful PR Turbo really was. I read that there were plans to bring back Shredder, as well as introducing April (who should have been in the show in the first place), Casey, and even Krang, Bebop and Rocksteady!

Oh well, despite what could have been, Next Mutation didn’t make a pleasing first impression for me and I merely saw the show as an attempt to breathe life into what was pretty much a dying fad.

It wasn’t until 2003, when the 4Kids-produced TMNT cartoon would prove me wrong. This show is exactly what I had wanted in a Turtles cartoon since I was a kid… No corny-ass slapstick, no nonsensical scenarios (even by TMNT standards), and NO GRAPPLING HOOKS! It was also in 2003, when I learned about the true black-and-white comic book origins of the Turtles and that this new show, as well as the original movie, were based on said comics (go figure). Needless to say, the cartoon was a hit and along came the merchandise: T-shirts; Toys; NEW TMNT VIDEO GAMES; and the DVD release of the classic 1987 cartoon! It was then, I realized that the Turtles weren’t some mere fad and that it had true staying power in American pop culture!

I just wish that somebody would kick the shit out of everyone working at Ubisoft, until we find out who was responsible for that piss-poor roster in TMNT: Smash Up! The rights to the TMNT video game franchise should be returned to Konami’s rightful hands so they can re-release all the classics on Virtual Console, PSN, XBLA, DSiWare or whatever![/details]


Though it would suck to wait so long between films, I’d like to see a film that focuses on Splinter, Yoshi, Saki and their teachers. Maybe have the film end with Splinter showing up in New York, then introduce the Turtles in the sequel.

Anyway, I’m glad they’re not using this script. I’m not happy Bay is at all associated with this project though. I’d only be happy if Legendary Pictures was on it.


Damn, they should have stuck with this script, then someone would have snapped and murdered Michael Bay so a director who knows how to fucking write a script and direct something other than explosions can get the rights to it.


Michael Bay didn’t write the script, but that won’t really stop anyone from blaming him, will it?


…fffffffffffffuck I actually saw 2/3 Transformers movies. I’m part of the problem!

Though to be fair… come on. I had to see the first one! :razzy: The third one was… alright from an action standpoint. Just too much focus on Lehbooooooof’s damn love life, and pointless scenes. I really don’t give a shit about Lehbooooof’s love interest, let alone Lehboooooof’s character. Nothing against him as I think he’s alright, just… not to be the focus of my Transformer movies.

Never mention that movie. That abomination nearly put me into a homicidal tail spin. The only movies that can compete with it in terms of shittiness are Batman& Robin and that other abomination, the live-action KoF movie.


Batman and Robin is awesome.


What’d have me worried at this point is money conservation. I wonder if they’ll throw everything down the shitter, or try to save some stuff. Are they going to try to splice in some old footage? I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but something tells me that this script was purposely leaked, so that they can gauge people’s reactions and make corrections.


Nope. Kinda like Kevin Smith didn’t write the script to Cop Out and people did nothing but bitch about it. The difference here being Kevin smith can direct and put soul into the characters he works with. Where as Michal Bay relies on cliche’s and explosions, Ohhh, moms on drugs, let’s fuck a decpticon!


I like the Transformers movies, the first one is the best because it feels like it has the most heart and soul put into it. Truthfully, I enjoy all the movies as a whole, despite their flaws… Though the second one is definitely flawed… and by flawed, I mean absolute clusterfuck.

As for DBE, like it or not, that’s the only thing that compares to this situation in terms of how badly Hollywood is shitting on the source material.