Scratch Remover

So I got the ASUS monitor that EVO uses a little while back. I seem to have scratched it very slightly at some point (probably when moving back up to college)

The scratches (3 very small, thin ones near the middle-middle left of the screen) are slightly annoying, so I investigated some scratch removers, and found this: NEW DISPLEX SCRATCH REMOVER SCREEN PROTECTOR FOR LCD - eBay (item 330297488957 end time Sep-20-10 13:33:26 PDT)

I’m just posting this to ask around to anyone that may have experience with these type of removers. Would you recommend this? I prefer not to have to spend too much money on this matter.

i dunno dude i wouldnt mess with it, anything made of liquid and applying to a screen that has an electrical source cant be good news lol

I would suggest not.

The best it can do is improve the scratch a tiny little bit. They are really just polish that don’t wash off easily. To stimulate the same result. Simply get some white toothpaste (cause it is about the same thickness) and apply the same thing. The result of that would be about the same as this scratch remover you are thinking off, escape you can’t wash it off with water.

If that is good enough, feel free to give it a try.

Might mess up the LCD dont do it