Scratched OBSF's

So I was doing some work on the inside of my stick with the buttons face down on the table. Unbeknownst to me, the table was hard enough to scratch the paint on the OBSF’s. Anybody know of any type of paint that I could paint them with that have the same feel as the OBSF’s? I don’t want to end up painting over and having some sticky or weird texture.

Why would you want to paint your buttons?

The paint will wear off while playing for sure.
(I have yet to find a greasy fingers/sweat-proof paint…)

If the scraches are absolutely unbearable for you, you should just polish the buttons with a plastic polish bit and a dremel.

OBSFs are not painted, they are made from dyed plastic. You can buff out the scratches.

How about vinyl dye? Will that do well?

no. don’t paint them.

Vinyl Dye isn’t paint – it’s dye. Your comment doesn’t help in the least. Go paint an egg and then go dye an egg then make a comment.

As for your question: Vinyl dye won’t remove the scratch because it is dye, and dye doesn’t do a good job of filling in gaps or depressions like paint. It soaks into the plastic, so you will just have a micrometer thicker piece of plastic of a different color that is scratched.

isn’t each button like 3 bucks

yeah, but shipping to canada is like 15 + exchange rate =( Also all 6 of my buttons are scratched,

anyway, i guess there isn’t a way of removing those scratches up other than buffing it =/.

I really wish shipping wasn’t that expensive.

I don’t mean to imply that you are an idiot so take this as a non-sarcastic question, but are you sure they are scratched and not just scuffed with dried packaging glue?

When I received mine, I had two buttons that seemed to be scratched slightly (i could feel it with my nail) and it really bothered me. I wiped the entire button face down with the alcohol and it started to fade without damaging the button itself. I realized that some adhesive tape on my bubblewrap package was causing this when i placed my madcatz buttons in the pouch.

Well, they felt super smooth and no apparent scratches before i put them face down on the table and unknowingly scraped them on the table back and forth for a good 30 mins.

So, I think they’re actually scratched.

I think your only (good) option is to try buffing them out. Painting them is a bad idea.

You can probably buff them out with rubbing compound. It’s found in the automotive section of Walmart. Take the plunger out of the button ring first though.

Has anyone actually tried vinyl dye on their buttons? How does it affect the texture of the buttons?

If the buttons are scratched, using a vinyl dye isn’t going to make the scratches disappear… the plastic that’s being dyed is still going to be physically scratched.

Yes, I realize that

But after I buff the scratches out, I might want to try and change the colour of some of my buttons. I just want to know whether or not vinyl dye leaves a weird texture or not.

If you have some spare Hori’s around just replace the top:

sadly, i dont have any spare plungers or buttons around. i made a completely diy stick.