Scratched TE faceplate

Is there any way to remove fine swirls and scratches in the TE face plate? it seems like this thing gets scratched just by breathing on it when there’s dust. Some of the swirl marks were already there when I took the thing out of the box. I try to take good care of my TE, but it’s too easy to get like swirl and scratch marks in it. So annoying.

you’re gonna get scratches on that thing no matter what.

Get some plexi glass for it and custom art if you are really worried about that kinda stuff.

Call MadCatz and let them know you had scratches on it when it arrived (you’ll need to e-mail them a copy of your receipt). They’ll send you a brand new face plate which you can keep for whenever you’re done scratching the old one up and keep the stick as a collector’s item. That’s what I did with mine.

Thanks man but I actually live in Australia so unfortunately can’t do that :frowning: I guess I’ll just live with it.

your stick is a tool of war man. Wear all your scratches with pride, they’re your battle scars, haha. Seriously though no matter what you do, if it gets some good use it’s always gonna have some marks on it, I think it’s unavoidable unless you store it in a glass case somewhere. But gl0ry is right, the plexi/art idea, along with paint jobs etc is a good way to keep your stick looking good- but even that will show signs of wear if you don’t keep changing it. I say worry about your game more than how shiny your stick is (of course I say that after extensively modding my TE :slight_smile:

I lol’d

haha, nice one. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I guess I just want to keep my stick OG and mint, like all my other stuff. I’d like to get a second one to mod, but as stated, I live in Aus, so to get all the parts from art, and get him to send over here will cost way too much. The stick itself is expensive enough as it is. I’m not THAT much of a hardcore fighting game fan, lol. I may just get a second TE and keep it all stock and mint, and use my current one to thrash around lol. I’ll only take out the second one to play with friends (who hardly ever come over to play anyway, and when they do, they prefer to use a pad as they can’t play well on a stick lol).

Plastic polish might do the trick.