Scratches on my TE stick

being the noob i am at modding arcade sticks, i scratched up my TE black casing, does anybody know what can get rid of scratches on plastic, mainly the black part on the TE stick?

Actually, I’ve been wondering that myself, the top plate is sharper than I thought it would be. Learned my lesson though, I place a towel under it before I move it around.

Short of painting over the plastic with black spray paint, I really don’t know how you’ll get rid of the scratches.

I wouldn’t recommend sanding it lightly unless you intend to paint it, though. Sanding just draws more attention to the scratches. Unless it’s a dramatically bad and really noticeable scratch I’d just leave it alone.

I have noticed that both the Mad Catz and Hori cases do tend to get scratched by the faceplate unless you completely unplug all the buttons and joysticks and remove the faceplate altogether.

Like Kitsunisan said, your only other alternative is to otherwise place fabric/towel around/underneath the faceplate.

If you take your gear to a tourney, it’s inevitable that it will get scratched whether it’s in a carry bag or out in public. Think of it as a car or bike. Who still has a bike or car after a year that DOESN’T have scratches on the paint somewhere? Just the road environment alone (stones, asphalt, salt) is going to eventually pit or scratch your paint job to say nothing of people scratching or denting your car doors with their car doors! Nothing stays pristine forever.

Melt the bastards :). If it bothers you that much, look into ways of polishing via the medium of fire…

i have not tried this but, you can search for ipod scratch removal (applesauce or similar). Alternative way (best choice) is go to hobby store any buy some plastic polisher. Modelers work with plastics all the time so hobby store will carry that.

thanks dude, i’ll try out the plastic polisher, ima cross my fingers and hope it works.

Keep us posted, I’m kind of interested myself.

Might want to test on the inside of the cable door before you try the whole case.


Anytime someone mention scratch repair it reminds me of this product.

Some swear by it and others say it doesn’t work. (Well Billy Mays is promoting it so it’s got to be legit)

I have no idea how it’ll work on a fightstick case though, lol.


There’s nothing you can do short of painting it. All scratch removers are rubbing compounds, and aren’t made for plastics with a matte or textured finish. Yeah it’ll remove the scratch but at the same time, it’ll polish the spot where you used it.

That said, they’d work great on the white part of the TE sticks or even on plexi.

What about buttons? I pretty much scratched all 8 after trying to fix my modified stick by letting it it lie on the floor.

Same thing, buy plastic polisher at local hobby store or ipod scratch removal.